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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evolve Fashion's Belgis Gown - A Composition of Grace & Beauty.

This Evolve Fashion's Belgis Gown is the modern-day 
retro version of the Southern Belle gown. 

This Belgis Gown's gorgeous plunged neckline and shoulder ruching, with its elegant empire bodice and hooped skirt is a modern day interpretation of its antebellum past. 

Why can't we always wear southern belle dresses & hoop skirts? 
I say we take a vote to bring the hoopskirt back in style.  LOL!

Seriously, in my mind there is nothing more charming than 
the thought of going back in time and being a southern women, 
assuming the roles of Southern Belle gentility. 

Yes, and that means to make love & cornbread, not war! Ha!

Back then, Southern Belles were expected to speak more than one language, play an instrument, and take pride in domesticity.

They came from the upper echelons of Southern society -  
Flirtatious and feminine without being too forward, 
with a composed sense of grace & beauty. 

A lady of that period never showed anything 
below her collarbone before five o'clock PM. 

For undergarments, you would need at least one corset, 
drawers, a chemise, several petticoats, and stockings.

Long sleeves were always required. 
A girl under the age of twenty-one never wore red. 

OMG!  How times have changed!

Today, modern Southern Belles have redefined their domestic roles.  Most now vary in socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, 
are career-minded, and very independent.

However, today's Southern Bell etiquette is still similar to that of her ancestors, dictating that you show your softer side and never let on how strong you really are. 

Today's modern belle embraces certain aspects 
of her past with southern sensibilities.

Over 150 years later, this distinctive hooped dress aesthetic still remains, and can be still worn at traditional Southern social events.

As a bit of trivia, most hoop skirts are designed with anywhere from three to eight  hoops (or bones) running through the fabric, though the typical ones the Southern belles wore would have had six and were covered in ruffles or tulle.

So...what's that you say, Rhett?  You don't want me wearing these gorgeous drapes again?  Well, frankly I don't give a damn! 

Take me back to Tara in your Corvette!

What do you mean I won't fit?  Pfft!

"Becky Da' Boop with Da' Scoop!"


  1. Such a beautiful gown and a Wonderful write up, combining the Old and the New and the Traditional.
    This shows a lovely Modern day appeal for the past, I do declare, "I just have the "flutters" so beautiful"

  2. Thank you Ya'all for those wonderful and heartfelt comments!