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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Belladonna Hibiscus Sundress - Countless Compliments Await You

This Belladonna Couture Hibiscus Sundress is perfect 
for your summer days and hot sultry evenings. 

I love how the halter neckline ties then opens 
in the back revealing its high waisted skirt.  

This beautiful hibiscus flower printed sundress has 
such a warm and wonderful casual feeling. 

Its feminine detailing with its high-waisted pink solid skirt panel 
and tropical floral patterning makes this just the perfect island dress. 

Pair this sundress with sandals and carefree hair and voila!
 You are in paradise!

This sundress is absolutely beautiful! 

So, whatever you do, DON’T show it to your friends
because they are going to be completely jealous!

And, I just know that once they see you in this sundress
they’re going to beg to know where you got it.

Don't worry I'll keep this a secret between us.

Oh, and please be forewarned, I guarantee that your husband
or BF won't be able to keep his eyes off of you in this sundress.

This dress should have come with a warning label! 

Whether you wear this dress out on a date for dinner, to the beach, a resort, poolside, or on a yacht - you'll have countless compliments wearing this gorgeous Belladonna Hibiscus Sundress 

This sundress by Abbyrose is one of her exclusive signature
designs, making this sundress a work of art.

"Becky Da' Boop with Da' Scoop!"


  1. Beautiful photography setting off a lovely new outfit by AbbyRose.

  2. This is a lovely little dress and the Poses make the dress delicious. Well presented.