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Thursday, September 8, 2016

CW Popper Gown Especial Premiers @ SWANK Events September

Ladies, feast your eyes upon the aesthetic palette 
of this stunning CW Popper Gown Especial in Black & Gold.

One of the great joys of shopping for a 
wardrobe here in Second Life is to go daring.  

What is "daring?"

Daring for me is choosing a dress that is a bit outside 
the boundaries of what you would usually wear, 
something that feels audaciously bold to wear. 

It possesses an added dash of style, the emotional uplift that 
it brings wearing it and often the mood it creates.

That being said, I dare you to make your ballroom 
entrance in this spirited CW Popper Gown.  

All eyes will definitely be on you. 

So, if you’re confident and looking for a show-stopping dress, 
this mermaid style CW Popper Especial Black & Gold Gown is for you! 

The long slender straps of this gown travel & scrumptiously 
traverse your body like the long reins of Apollo's chariot. 

These straps sensually wrap around the waist then lace 
and cross over the shoulders, up across the plunging back into 
the small eyelets of its shimmering gold plunging triangle cups. 

This wrap-around look certainly creates a stunning, 
jaw-dropping transition at its empire waist.

This modern and tempting gown also features 
a layered black sheer train which completes its 
glamorous appearance as it gracefully flairs 
and then transcends gracefully to the floor.

This CW Popper Gown Especial also comes
with a beautiful black & gold clutch, pearl
earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Without a doubt this CW Popper Gown Especial in Black & Gold
is one of the sexiest of all dress silhouettes. Its curve-hugging
shape is guaranteed to take your man’s breath away.

Store: Celestinas Weddings
Designer: Sofia Corleone
Product: Popper Gown Especial in Black & Gold 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Culco Cowl Back Dress Redefines "The Little Black Dress" @ Swank Event September

Across the curve of social history during the 20th and 21st 
centuries, the “little black dress” has captivated 
the heart, mind and spirit of the modern fashion world.

Hence, I dare share with you this Culco Cowl-Back Mini Dress.

The little black dress has delivered some of the 
most indelible images of our visual age. 

Coco Chanel certainly got it right when she 
originally made it a must in her collections.

Imbued with suggestion from restraint to temptation, 
from glamour to grace - this Culco Cowl Back Dress has it all.

It’s the one black dress that every woman here in SL 
should have in their wardrobe closet.

This Culco dress is definitely less frou-frou and much more understated. It embodies the essence of your sensual
being with a less is more statement.

This Culco Cowl Back Dress is a timeless take on the
evening’s black mini. The mini-length skirt of this
dress creates a sleek bodycon look, complement-
ing your curves for an elegant finish.

Its sheer bodice front neckline, flirty hem 
and plunging cowl back all combine making 
this the ultimate sexy silhouette. 

You will be arousing more than curiosity when you 
step out in this very chic Culco Cowl Back Dress. 

It will make any man's heart race with excitement!

Store: -CULCO-
Designer: Culco
Product: Cowl Back Dress 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, September 5, 2016

SAGE Daisy Dress Now Premiering @ SWANK Event September

Today, much of our leisure time is absorbed in the world of 
Snapchat, Instagram stories and other forms of social media. 

That said, it's refreshing to come into Second Life to just play, 
love and create in a world so fun and personally gratifying. 

The fashion industry in SL brings warm smiles, 
fun and often rebirth to many here.

This SAGE Daisy Dress is a splendid example 
of this fun-loving fashion lifestyle.

From its gathered and ruched sweetheart neckline, down 
to its tiered & ruffled skirts, this dress exemplifies 
femininity with playful charm. 

With its demure corset-style center-paneled bodice and petticoat-inspired skirt, this dress fondly captures the charm of eras past. 

Pleated edging detailing decorates the décolletage 
at the cup neck and gore in corset-like manner. 

The front panel of the torso reveals vertical 
decorative single-stitching details. 

I love its dropped waist which visually lengthens 
the body while the tiered and ruffled skirt panels lends a
flouncy bouncy finish - giving this
beautiful SAGE Daisy Dress a chic, care-free style. 

The skirt has 3 tiers: two ruffles with petite daisy patterns and; 
one straight hem with complementing white polka dots. 

This dress is the perfect representation of the early modern 
era mixed with vintage and modern chic styling. 

You can clearly see the transition from vintage to 
modern styling with the chic leather and string-tied belt. 

The delicate plisse crushed pleat detailing on the back adds depth 
and visual interest beautifully showing off your girly side. 

This dress also has a color options HUD which 
allows you to change colors of the bodice, 
the skirt and the belt separately. 

This is a really pretty dress, offering lots of color 
variations with a color options HUD included. 

Combined with the gorgeous HUD driven
Semi-Precious Brenna Mega Pack Jewelry Set
(sold separately), it offers you seemingly endless
accessorizing color options with this SAGE Daisy Dress.

So Ladies, explore your own creativity with your own possibilities and expand your artistic nature with this enchanting SAGE Daisy Dress.

Store: SAGE Fashion
Designers: Sage Pexie
Product: Daisy Dress 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

LUXE Paris JET SET Hoodie Top & Shorts Premiers @ SWANK'S September

The artistic mixture of high couture, modern 
femininity, limited edition textures, and one-of-a-kind designs 
are the signatures of Luxe Paris, bringing individual character 
to every piece they create here in Second Life. 

Both casual and stylish at the same time, this upscale LUXE Paris JET SET Hoodie Top & Shorts outfit is a splendid example of how dressed-down carries an element of high fashion with fun & exquisite flair! 

When it comes to clothing, for me the humble hoodie always 
comes out on top, for it is my sensual favorite item 
of clothing both here and in RL.

Why do I say “sensual?” Well..think about it. 

The very moment you pull a hoodie over your head and 
slip it on, you feel like as if you’ve just slowly sunk into a nice 
warm bubble bath, complete with candles and chocolate. 

It’s also a bit like walking around snuggled in a cozy blanket 
all day long. Nothing brings more joy like being able to put on a 
new hoodie and comfortably sink into all that it has to offer. 

A common misconception about hoodies is that some 
feel that they are only supposed to be worn for 
lounging around, for sports or for the beach. 

Well, it’s time to take that dress you were thinking about wearing, put it back in the closet and get yourself this JET SET Hoodie and Shorts Outfit to add some flirtatious comfort to your next date out.

So ladies, indulge yourself with this absolutely fabulously 
crafted and detailed JET SET hoodie outfit from Luxe Paris. 

The fabrics of these Jet Set Hoodie & Shorts are a sophisticated
blend of peach lamb’s wool and black silk respectively. 

The high-waisted black shorts and fastening of the 
hipster belt also adds stunning interest.

The horizontal strands of texturing on the hoodie are fractal 
elemental water patterns, lending both depth and warmth 
to the Hoodie’s fabric appearance.

Store: Luxe Paris Fashion
Designers: Mika Palmyra & Paris Skytower
Product: JET SET Hoodie Top & Shorts 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: September

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival - LIFE is a Four Letter Word for LOVE

The Spoonful Of Sugar Festival

An Event to Benefit Doctors Without Borders - Sept 9 - 25, 2016

MSF/Doctors Without Borders was established to help thousands of people around the world who can't receive basic medical care because of their religion, race, financial status, conflicts, and other critical reasons. These people are desperately in need of our help.

MSF Treating Iraqis Affected by Civil War

MSF stands for "Medicins Sans Frontieres." 
That's French for Doctors Without Borders,which was founded 
in Paris, France. Wherever there is need, MSF is there giving.

Combining Malaria Care and Vaccinations in Mali

Second Life (SL) as a global community serves as a perfect
platform to Support MSF/Doctors Without Borders. 

 Luxe Paris will be Donating this scrumptious
Garbo Gown at the Auction of One of a Kind.
Proceeds will go directly to MSF.

The response from people in SL has been overwhelmingly positive. MSF/Doctors Without Borders and their message has resonated. 

This delicious Garbo Gown with its sumptuously creased
silk fabric and perfectly placed delicate mesh brooch
speaks to the enchantment of Monte Carlo.

As participates in this noble endeavor, we all contribute as unique sugar granules within that wonderful spoonful to join in humane partnership to provide quality medical care for everyone, especially
for those in the most desperate and frightening of situations.
The Spoonful of Sugar Festival not only "helps the medicine go down," but it also traverses the globe with MSF/Doctors Without Borders.

Ever Courtois is the Co-Owner and Creator of Ever An' Angel. Ever's awareness of Doctors Without Borders came over a decade ago when some friends and activists brought it to her attention. Doctors Without Borders appeals to her because of its
equanimity & global scale of operations.

Ever believes that medical care is a human right and not a luxury.

That said, Doctors Without Borders is a fearless and unstoppable organization both devoted and determined to make this
a tangible fact rather than a vague idea predicated on the
approval of any political, religious or moral system. 

Second Life, a community also without borders, is a perfect platform for both getting that message out and supporting their endeavors.

Angelique Wickentower, Founder / Coordinator Angelique ("Angel" as she prefers to be called) is the Co-Owner of Ever An' Angel. Second Life has been her sanctuary away from the stress of RL for almost eight years. Angel is very impressed with Doctors Without Borders on many levels.

MSF provides needed humanitarian action to save lives and ease
the suffering of people caught in acute crises.

First and foremost are their tireless efforts to bring medical care
to people and places around the world where medical care
is not readily available, as well as to those people
experiencing major region and life changing events. 

Ladies of SL, this stunning LUXE Paris Garbo Gown could be all yours...
Secondly, they run their organization extremely lean from an administrative standpoint, and thus understands how impressive
and important this is for a non-profit organization. 

All donations will be used appropriately and timely by this
wonderful organization which seeks to bring both fundamental
and advanced medical care throughout the world.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

JUMO Naomi Dress: Evoking African-esque Flair at SWANK'S Event August

Smooth, elegant flowing dresses are always 
very cool and sophisticated. 

However, there comes a time when I want something with more character to wear at formal events here in Second Life. 

JUMO Fashion has just released this stunning Naomi Dress 
for Swank’s "Around the World" August theme.

This Jumo Naomi Fiesta Dress delivers with both 
romantic character and lavish retro-styling at once. 

This outfit defines the intersection of feminine charm and edgy 
quirk with its opulent and richly structured patterns.

Its boldly printed, avant gard inspired cross-wrapped bodice 
combines tongue-in-cheek tribal primitivism with flair. 

Bedecked with gold-chained straps and oval gemstone jewelry, 
it sensually evokes ecstatic, African-esque finesse. 

Its voluminous tiered layers of iridescent fiesta red ruffled pleating buckles high at the waist in perfect harmony with that of the top, creating a stunningly gorgeous silhouette.

This Jumo Naomi Dress is available in 5 different colors:
Fiesta (red), Black, Serenity, Nude, and Teal

Each contains the following:

Top in standard mesh sizes;
Dress (Pants) in fitmesh standard sizes;
Belt in fitmesh standard sizes and;a jewelry
 set containing necklace, earrings, bangles.

Store: Jumo Fashion
Designer: June Monteira
Product: Naomi Dress   
Collection: Summer 2016
Release: August
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)