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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Boutique Discovery: Revealing Pleasures & Treasures from Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque Dahlia Pink Corset Lingerie 

You’ve seen me wear a variety of ensembles here in Second Life. 

From time to time, you’ve also seen me blog about 

different places to experience here as well. 

As a fashion blogger, it’s important for me to remain objective 
in my work and do my best. Along this wonderful journey I 
have also discovered remarkable talent and exceptional design. 

Although much of what I blog is provided me through vendors, 
I still love to shop here on my own and explore.

For me, the bottom line is that if I wouldn’t buy it for 
myself, I wouldn’t recommend it to others. 

I wanted to share with you about this cute little boutique I 
just found called, BELLE EPOQUE owned by Janire Van Belle. 

It is becoming one of my favorite boutiques here in 
Second Life and a must for you to see.

Belle Epoque Heather in Black

My favorite thing about BELLE EPOQUE is how insanely 
cute her clothes are. I want them all! 

When looking for a place to shop, I always look for clothes 
that are not only staying up with the latest trends, but also 
boutiques that still offer those classic pieces that are so 
historically important to me.

BELLE EPOQUE has a nice selection of clothing and styles
that have me swooning over just how chic and cute they are.

Belle Epoque Eider Headpiece in Ivory

From formal wear and casual clothes to adorable dresses 
with playful hats and other fun accessories, BELLE EPOQUE 
has the charm and warmth of a small town boutique with 
great attention to detail.

I’m always impressed with designers here who makes their 
outfits a little extra special. It's all about the personal touches like the ribbon 
attention to detail on the Belle Epoque Dahlia Pink lingerie corset or the 
wonderful Belle Epoque Eider Headpiece flower & headband detailing.

So, whether you’re a girl who likes to dress up or just play 
it casual (I’m definitely a girl who likes both), you will definitely 
be able to find something that fits your needs and style at BELLE EPOGUE.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Glitter Infatuation Corset Mesh Premiers at SWANK Events January 2017

What does a corset actually say about a woman and her outfit? 

Well, this Glitter Infatuation Corset Mesh Dress 
definitely makes a very fun statement. 

The overbust corset design of this avant garde dress 
features segmented front, side and center back panels.

These panels are inlayed with delightful textured 
bronze leather, silver gothic print embellishments and defined
boning, making it a perfect statement piece.

The exaggerated bird-caged peplum skirting adds to this 
piece, giving your mid-section a waspy, hour glass appearance.

Words like naughty, sultry and sexy immediately 
come to mind as you feast your eyes on this corset dress.

I love the medieval gothic inspired patterns and straight steel boning at the bust. 

The corset’s boning and playful back zipper enhances the
look of this Glitter Infatuation Corset Mesh 
in such a fascinating way. 

This is absolutely a one of a kind creation and perfect for 
conceptual SL avant garde fashion shoots or burlesque events.

Store: Glitter
Designer: Shine Messmer 
Product: Infatuation Mesh Corset Dress 
Collection: Makeover 2017
Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keresma Rope Gown in Roses & Silks Premiering at SWANK Events January

As fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg once said, 
“To feel like a woman, please wear a dress.”

Well, look no further - for this stunningly sexy
Keresma Rope Rose Gown blossoms with femininity. 

Statuesque and lovely, this gown features a spaghetti
strapped deep plunge neckline with roped straps and
scrumptious rose patterning.

For me, I love choosing a formal gown that is a bit outside
the boundaries of what one might initially consider,
something that feels audaciously bold to wear. 

A gown of this design makes a fierce statement with its
deep plunging neckline with leafed cups held delicately in
place by long, slender, cross-wrapped sensuous straps. 

This wrap-around rope look certainly creates a stunning,
jaw-dropping transition at its empire waist.

It is a gorgeous cut that puts the waistband right below the
bust, complemented by the roping and especially flattering
which emphasizes the decolletage.

Without a doubt this Keresma Rope Rose Gown is one of the
sexiest of all mermaid dress silhouettes.

Its curve-hugging shape is guaranteed to take your man’s breath away.
It is truly an elegant style for the elegant you.

Try this Keresma Rope Gown in Roses and tell me what you think.
I would love your feedback!

Store: Keresma
Designer: Keres Scorpio (keres.bikcin) 
Product: Rope Gown in Roses 
Collection: Winter 2017
Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, January 9, 2017

BakaBoo Premiers the Baka Floral Cut Jumpsuit at SWANK Events January

The ease of wearing chic apparel is the key design element 
trending in fashion today. 

We all lead busy lives, and the faster we can get dressed 
(while still looking put together) the better. 

That said, take a look at this very chic and glamorous, 
Asian inspired BakaBoo Baka Jumpsuit in Floral Cuts. 

I see the influence of the power suit combined with cuffed poufy sleeves, 
bold contrasting floral Asian patterning, a sexy cross-wrapped bodice, 
bow belt and flared legs all combining together to make this 
BakaBoo Baka Floral Cut Jumpsuit a definite statement outfit. 

What makes this jumpsuit appealing as a fashion statement is 
that there is very little work involved to accessorize it, 
making it the epitome of being effortlessly cool. 

The history of the jumpsuit is a bit more complex than the garment itself.  

The fashion legend Elsa Schiaparelli created the first 
high-fashion jumpsuit at the end of the 1930’s. 

 She created a collection inspired by the coming war which included 
a women’s jumpsuit cut from silk with large front pockets. 

While these were met with positive reactions, luxury 
jumpsuits were put on hold as WWII began. 

Thus, the jumpsuit’s early roots were not exactly the 
epitome of glamour but instead used for utilitarian purposes. 

During WWII the jumpsuit became a staple of women who 
worked in factories and soon gained widespread acceptance 
for casual wear and for work at home in the garden. 

The jumpsuit’s name was derived literally from its specific purpose 
for jumping from planes. Pilots and race car drivers also 
adopted this garment for their use, making it also synonymous
with extremely dangerous work. (Not making it exactly chic). 

The actress Katherine Hepburn helped to shape the styling 
of the jumpsuit as she appeared in several movies wearing 
elegant, wide legged trousers. 

Shoulder pads also became popular to highlight the 
masculine, military look. They also added an interest to the 
shape of the slim silhouette. 

From these fashion derivatives the jumpsuit evolved. 

Today, nothing compares to the sartorial speed and effortlessness attire 
like the jumpsuit. It is no wonder that this versatile outfit has become so popular. 

This BakaBoo Baka Floral Cut Jumpsuit fits in perfectly 
with my busy lifestyle here in Second Life.

This garment comes in three color versions:
Yin-Yang (Grey & Black), Yin (Gold & Blue) & Yang (Powder Blue & Grey). 

It is chic, sophisticated, uncomplicated to wear 
and it can be worn for just about any occasion. 

For me, this jumpsuit makes the ultimate statement 
for the modern woman and an investment piece 
worthy of topping your SL shopping list. 

Store: BakaBoo
Designer: Ocean Blackthorne 
Product: Baka Jumpsuit in Floral Cuts 
Collection: Winter 2017

Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

JUMO's Elsa Hair Now Premiering at SWANK Events January

JUMO Elsa Hair Hotties

Long layered hairstyles can look fantastic. 

But...not every lady hair stylist in Second Life gets it right. 

However, Jumo Fashion House hits a home run with its latest 
release - this gorgeous JUMO Elsa Hair.

This Elsa Hair is a very chic and trendy cut which shows off 
envious length in stunning and eye-catching appeal.

Its layered bohemian look haircut shows both 
volume and diversity to its styling. 

The main rule of beautiful long hair is very simple: 
Long layers at the back and smooth graded layers, framing the 
face in front. The Elsa achieves both this styling principles.

I love how the cut tresses of the bangs frame the face at the highest 
point of cheekbone giving it a very feminine look. 

JUMO Elsa Hair Crystal Roots

The perfect mixture of layers here is the secret ingredient to this Jumo Elsa Hair. 

This Elsa Hair is a collaborative between June Monteiro & Nice Wildrose. 

JUMO Elsa Hair Vivid
These ladies are dedicated to making the most enriching 
and glamorous colors and fine textures in trendy hair styles 
more colorful for your strut through Second Life.

The JUMO Elsa Hair contains 2 color packs "Roots and Straights." 

JUMO Elsa Hair Roots

It comes with 2 HUDs with coloring options in two styles 
standard and also for Lolas. Each HUD consists of 10 flashy 
colors. An alpha layer for classic avatar heads.

I am modeling the JUMO Elsa Hair with my new Catwa “Catya” mesh head
which allows me to make simple adjusts to fit my hair with sliders perfectly everytime.

Store: Jumo Fashion
Designers: June Monteiro & Nice Wildrose
Product: Elsa Mesh Hair 
Collection: Winter 2017
Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Prism Premiers the Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants @ SWANKS Events January '17

I could not think of a better setting modeling this 
Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants and sharing it 
with you at the wonderful Tuscany Villa at Belle Pace. 

The setting offers a natural beauty combined with 
a rich cultural experience that forms the fertile 
mosaic of the southern Tuscan landscape.

This sim provides a fantasy glimpse to some of the 
most wonderful natural scenery in all of Tuscany. 

Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants modeled in Teal Blue Top & Camel Pants
Although small, this sim possesses strikingly varied landscapes 
which I believe overlook the re-creation of Lake Trasimeno.

The romance of Tuscany architecture is everywhere you look. This 
Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants in Teal Blue & Camel 
is the perfect combo to wear while exploring its charming surroundings.

This Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pant Combo also comes available in Black and Camel

I appreciate Jac Mornington’s imagination and talented 
eye for bringing this wonderful island to Second Life. 

The beautifully styled hair comes in Black, Blond, Brown and Ginger

The villa appears to be inspired by La Limonaia, 
a traditional lavastone farmhouse surrounded by 
luxuriant gardens and fragrant orchards. 

It features a charming rustic kitchen, 
living area, dining, and upstairs bedroom and bathroom. 

The villa, graced with wooden plank and stone floors, overlooks 
a stunning blue-tiled swimming pool in the center of its courtyard. 

Once you venture outside into the courtyard, you will 
discover delightful outdoor ancillary areas to relax, converse 
and dine in the spirit of the Tuscan lifestyle.

The main villa is slightly more formal in décor than the more rustic 
farmhouse, yet both are very comfortable and quite beautiful. 

This Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pant Outfit is perfect for your bike ride under the Tuscan Sun

A vintage bicycle with a teddy in its basket leans against the
wall, calling for you to ride it along the villa's scenic trails.

A red Ferrari is parked in its carriage garage next 
to an assortment of old world tools and other artifacts, 
which lends ambiance with the juxtaposition 
between the past and the present.

The interiors are light with harmonious colors. 
The villa is graced by beamed ceilings & stone steps. 

Belle Pace possesses such charm and romance, 
making the exquisite and unspoiled villa 
an enticingly perfect cocoon for lovers.

Store: Prism Design
Designer: JEZZIXA Cazalet
Product:Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants
Collection: Winter 2017
Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)