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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Swank Events Proudly Premiers the Hot Fuss GIGI Sunglasses March '17

When it comes to perfecting your look, it’s all about the accessories.
So, if you want to look extra glamorous and you're not afraid to try an
extravagant look, then try out these pearl-studded Hot Fuss GIGI Sunglasses.

These GIGI sunglasses are fabulous & will certainly turn a lot of heads!

Defining your look, these sunglasses are Hollywood chic & playful all at once. 

Pearl-studded sunglasses are the thing among celebrities and fashion bloggers. 
However, you don’t have to be a celebrity or blogger to enjoy them here in Second Life.

These exquisite sunglasses have beautiful pearl accents oozing with high fashion. 

These glasses also come with a fun hud menu which allows you to change the frame 
and pearl colors, in addition to changing the lens opacity, shine & glow. 

So ladies, keep things cool and classy by pairing your outfit with 
these wonderfully decadent pearl-studded Hot Fuss GIGI Sunglasses. 

They definitely stand out with flair, glam and pizazz that will never go out of style.

Store: Hot Fuss
Designer: Saryn Chrome (sarynblue)
Product: GIGI Sunglasses
Collection: Hollywood Glam
Release: March 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

CW Creations Raises the Glamour Quotient at Swank Events March Premiering the Emma Long Sleeve Gown

I was asked the other day the proverbial question if 
women dress for other women or do they dress for men.

Well, true that is always nice to be admired. There are 

times when we do dress for public approbation, 
and even at times for male appreciation. 

However, being a diva in RL who wears fashionable clothing 
and hangs out with a lot of other women (who also wear chic clothing), 
I believe that I can say with some degree of certainty that most 
of us don’t wear clothes for men – we wear clothes for ourselves. 

Contrary to the perception prompted by the media & pop culture, 
I would even go so far to say that most things we do
regarding our personal appearance are for us. 

Not everything a woman does to look good is to "get a man" or "wow a man."

This CW Emma Long Sleeve Gown is the embodiment of that thought. 

This stunning gown has a very feminine column silhouette 
with the look of luxurious fabric. It is a look that 
certainly captivated my heart and mind when I first saw it displayed.

One of the truly great gifts of fashion is that it allows us to enjoy ourselves, 
to try out different looks and simply just have great fun in the process. 

That is what makes this CW Emma Long Sleeve Gown so special. 
I feel so great wearing it. It is a spectacular piece to say the least.

Hence, the bottom line is that fashion is really all about enjoying the artful 
styling of a garment and feeling comfortable and confident wearing it. 

Why would we spend our lindens on something we don't like but 
think someone else will? That makes no sense whatsoever.

This exquisite mermaid style gown with its round neckline, 
full length sleeves, scalloped hem and dropped-back raises 
the glamour quotient with its detailed back jeweled embellishments 
which superbly makes this gown both distinctive & elegant.

This stunning CW Emma Long Sleeve Gown can be worn for every special occasion - 
for a glittering entrance to a couture black tie event, 
or for a classic evening out ballroom dancing.

So, rather than getting yourself into boring generalizations 
about what men want from women, do something nice for 
yourself and get this CW Emma Long Sleeve Gown.

Store: CW Creations
Designer: Sofia Corleone
Product: Emma Long Sleeve Gown
Collection: Hollywood Glam
Release: March 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

SWANK Events March Debuts Prism's Vintage Regine Gown: Simplicity, Elegance & Style Which Infuses Both Dramatic & Natural Sensibilities.

What are the ingredients which makes a dress both classic and timeless?

This Prism Vintage Regine Gown possesses a classic style and
epitomizes the basis of chic timeless fashion.

It has characteristics that appeal to "neat & tidy" women -
especially those who appreciate tailored clothes & accessories.

It has minimalist and elegant styling which
also overlaps with both dramatic and natural sensibilities.

It features a deep-plunging crossover neckline which gathers &
leads your eyes down to a wonderful bridal sash with a
leaf-shaped great rhinestone belted brooch.

If you prefer to dress a tad more conservatively than most other
fashionistas and your wardrobe consists of alot of neutrals,
then look at this simply elegant Prism Vintage Regine Gown.

If you are like me, I prefer to keep my formal ensembles
simple, timeless and elegant. I also have a consistent
tendency to match my clothes (i.e. with a handbag in a
color which is similar my shoes).

This gown fits my tastes with quiet sophistication -
not loud, faddish or ostentatious. 

Inspired by the blossoming of a fern, this gown showcases
my personal style and personality.

For me, it's all about adorning a heirloom piece which
emulates a luxurious hand-sewn quality appearance.

Simplicity, Elegance & Style. This gown possesses these
qualities which truly makes it a one-of-a-kind gem.

Store: Prism

Designer: JEZZIXA Cazalet
Product: Vintage Regine Gown
Collection: Hollywood Glam
Release: March 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Swank Events March Premieres this Sexy Pink Ice Sarah Micro Mini Dress

There is such a sultry feeling that possesses my primal being 
when I am in a crowded SL nightclub wearing this scantily clad 
 Pink Ice Sarah Micro Mini. 

I love it when people will stop and stare at me because they 
can see so much of my bare body. I feel so pretty, 
so sexy, so feminine, and so desired. 

There's nothing sensually comparable to being somewhere 
with little way to cover up and then having men look at 
you and want to ravage your body right then and there. 

So ladies, before you go out on the town wearing this 
Pink Ice Sarah Micro Micro, it’s best that you first take 
precautions and read the warning label on this dress.

One of the sexy things about the spaghetti strap top of this 
mini is that it leaves the sides of my breasts partially bare. 

I love how these straps tie from center cup then loop back 
separately over each shoulder, returning to my upper midsection. 

It also leaves a vast expanse of my slender toned back 
enticingly naked - plunging down the small of my back. 

Wear this dress and you will hear whispers in the crowd. 

This shimmering red sequined mini has very sexy side slits at the hips. 

Because of its extremely short hemline, it is also best to wear panties 
since this mini skirt makes it very easy to expose yourself.

I wore studded, black strapped 4" high platform pumps with this dress. 
These are among my favorite.  I love the way they wrap 
my ankles and caress the base of my sexy arches. 

They are the kind of sexy heels that scream seduce me. 

So be the sexy siren you are inside, looking deliciously bare for 
a night on the town wearing this Pink Ice Sarah Micro Mini. 

You will be the hottest, sexiest, and most watched babe in the room.

Designer: Hayley Dixon
Product: Sarah Micro Mini Dress
Collection: Hollywood Glam
Release: March 2017

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

SWANK Events Proudly Premiers the March '17 Release of ZEX Creations Emma Dress: A Gorgeous Hollywood Glam from the Bygone Era

This classic Hollywood ZEX Emma Gown is one of 
elegance, sophistication and femininity. 

This elegant silhouette features strapless sweetheart plunging neckline, 
belted embroidered bodice, gathered waist and long 
draping skirt - reminiscent of the styles worn by the movie 
actresses of the 30s, 40s and 50s. 

It is generally believed that this time period from 1930 to 
the late 1950s was the key era which set the Hollywood 
stage for classic glamour.

When it came to glitz and glamour, this style of 
classic old Hollywood remains timelessly preserved. 

The visual language of Hollywood film would have never been 
complete if it were not for this type of glamorous clothing. 

This delicate pale gold gown is an architecturally graceful style,
reminiscent of the streamlined, feminine silhouettes of the 1930s. 

This dress also comes with a beautiful black and gold clutch 
along with a gold-chained floral necklace (not shown).

This Gown is a timeless example of that period with its classic 
mid body wrap with brooch belt and gathered waistline  - all combined to 
harmoniously pay tribute to the classic Hollywood glamorous period.

This ZEX Emma Gold Gown superbly captures the elegant classic Hollywood look - 
perfect for a black tie event, a wedding or a fancy dress ball. 

I paired this dress with beige peep toe platform heels, 
a white sheer cape, opera length white gloves, classic cameo jewelry and 
white laced hair netting to complete the classy look of this bygone glamour era.

Store: ZEX Creations
Designer: Tifanny Alderson
Product: Emma Dress
Collection: Hollywood Glam
Release: March 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Swank Events March Premiers the Isa D'Orable Creations Janis Dress: Where Burlesque Meets BDSM

Captivating your sensual mind somewhere between Burlesque and BDSM, 
this Isa D’Orable Janis Corset Dress transforms your innocence, 
seducing you into the erotic world here in Second Life. 

It is a dark world that you would think twice about ever mentioning to your mother.

At first, I thought about wearing this black sexy Isa D’Orable Janis Dress, 
to blog the art and history of burlesque and the corset. 

However, I was then immediately beckoned by this erotic whisper into my ear, 
being led away by bondage to a curtained-off chamber at the back of a burlesque stage, 
a dark and musky space set aside for patrons to engage in consensual BDSM play.

This Janis Corset Dress epitomizes the obscure and dark. 

By donning this dress, the art of the tease beckons your playful & indulgent side, 
making you passionately submissive to your sexual proclivities & pleasures.

It takes you back into a dimly lit and smoke-filled room, where you become submissively constrained to accept your fate, unable to resist the 50 Shades of Grey.

This dress is about to incarcerate both your imagination and soul -
reminding you of what your fate will become at the hands of your Master.

This corset allows you to respond in the most passionate yet “disciplined” of ways 
where the mere sound of the whip conjures up both pain & pleasure.

Store: Isa D’Orable Creations
Designer: Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron)
Product: Janis Dress
Collection: Hollywood Glam

Release: March
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Friday, February 17, 2017

LRD Fashion's Joonie Dress Premiers @ SWANK Events February 2017

Embrace your feminine side with this playful HUD driven 
LRD Joonie Dress. I love the detailing of its cuff sleeved 
blouse with open notched wing collar and flounced skirt. 

Ah, but this more than just a dress...

For this is a very special dress -
which magically channels classic charm with its 
gorgeous A-line profile and sweet bow belt accent. 

This dress embodies the perfect recipe for romance.

LRD Fashion has made a fresh look dress for you that will keep you both 
trendy and elegant for your every moment here in Second Life.

You will also have a blast mixing & matching too! 

It lends you so many color, pattern and material texture 
options to look your very best. The look is totally up to you!

This fresh look dress offers a choice of solid body basic, 
lace or floral pattern HUD driven options with seemingly endless 
combinations that allows you to mix & match to your heart’s content. 

This new dress is perfect for this coming Spring and Summer. 

You can look your best with platform sneakers for a sweet look 
or treat yourself to peep-toe heels for an elegant look.

You can wear this blouse and skirt for just about any occasion you want. 

So Ladies, this LRD Joonie Dress is a must for your wardrobe collection. 
It is the perfect blend of tailored, relaxed. classic, chic, and beautiful.

Store: LRD
Designer: LRD Mesh Clothes (linealrise)
Product: Joonie Dress
Collection: Truly, Deeply, Madly
Release: February
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)