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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Swank Events June Monochromatic Theme Introduces Flowerdreams Essy Gown & Roxy Makeup Sets - Perfecting Your look with Luxurious Class and Sophistication.

One of the hottest trends this season are sequins and sparkle. 
From wedding invites to that special formal evening out embraced in 
total elegance, this Flowerdreams Essy Gown makes you shine in high fashion.

Yet another masterpiece from creative genius Nile Karas of Flowerdreams, 
this swoon worthy, sophisticated and totally eye-catching floor length 
paillette-sequined gown is truly heaven sent. 

The origins of the word sequin can be found in both the Arabic word sikka 
and the Italian zecchino, both of which translate to the word “coin.” 

The history of using coins to decorate garments has long been linked 
to the wearer's wealth. Egyptians had used an early form 
of the sequin to enliven the clothing of their monarch.

Since then, the use of the sequin has manifested itself in a number 
of different ways, spanning myriad fashion genres. 

From practical to decorative, with sequined 1920s old Hollywood flappers 
inspired by King Tutankhamun through the 1970s disco era to its stunning 
embellishments on today’s runways, the sequin makes a glimmering 
fashion statement of spectacular and richly bold styling.

Delivering all the glitz & glamour of old Hollywood in this sleek, figure fitting gown, 
the Flowerdreams Essy Gown sparkles with luxurious class and sophistication.

This Flowerdreams Esssy Gown comes in black, amethyst and sapphire colors. 

Make sure you complete and perfect your look with Flowerdreams Roxy Makeup Sets. 

These sets come in Rose Silver, Violet or Red hues – each one providing you 
with coordinated lipstick, eye shadow and lashes with diamond dust looks.

Store: Flowerdreams
Designer: Nile Karas
Products: Essy Gown & Roxy Makeup 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Swank Events June Monochromatics Theme Premiers JUMO Fashion's Francoise Gown - Stealing the Show with Meticulous Attention to Detail.

This JUMO Francoise Gown is a masterpiece in design - creating the 
illusion of allure that will take you from daytime affair to evening soiree.

Sexy & sheer, this Jumo gown makes a variety of elegant statements in its silhouette. 
Chic and sleeveless, this HUD driven beauty provides you with 25 different 
color & pattern options in both solid and embroidered illusion motifs. 

Ten unique solid, ten laced and five floral color HUD embellishments provide 
3D effect to this stunning and meticulously designed gown from JUMO Fashion.

Rather than try to make something billowing like a ball gown, 
June created something completely different and elegantly chic. 

The whole effect of this Jumo Francoise Gown is one of both sophistication and class, 
with its beautifully composed tiered banding and well-executed details. 

The sleeveless sweetheart bodice of this stunning Jumo Gown meets at the neckline 
with scalloped laced décor top banding to give the illusion of embroidery on skin. 

The unexpected HUD texture options of this seemingly simple gown absolutely 
steals the show.  Sheer fishnet panels at the sides of the bodice give way 
to either sophisticated solid or laced panels seen throughout the gown, 

I love how June’s HUD provides you with the optional looks of either 
unlined embroidered lace or solid paneling options, along with underbra 
solid accents - all creating beautiful & modern statements. 

The belted midsection version, which combines both solid and darted side 
fishnet panels, lets you strike a pose Angelina Jolie would be proud of.

Store: J U M O  F A S H I O N
Designer: June Monteiro (jumofashion)
Product: Francoise Gown 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, June 4, 2018

Swank Events June Monochromatics Theme Introduces the CHARME Alana Hair - A Super Chic Hair Style Which Accomplishes what Most Other Looks Aim to Do but Fail.

Some think that it's blasphemy to refer to the high ponytail as a trend these days. 
I tend to believe it as well. This hairstyle staple, like this beautifully detailed 
CHARME Alana Hair, is now happily entrenched as a classic - earning 
prime acclaim from the topmost of fashion critics everywhere. 

Today, the high pony is one of life’s great common fashion denominators. 

From stair-stepping at your everyday gym to strutting down the fashion runways - 
most everyone embraces it as both practical and in high fashion. 

The 1990s retro-inspired top-knots and updos have recently given way
to the splendor of this high pony style on the streets.  

It is a look that has earned its keep for good. 

This hair style accomplishes what most other looks aim to do but fail 
to achieve – for it gets high marks on being unusual, but also pretty 
darn chic and easy to wear both casually and formally.

Far from being a trendy afterthought, the high ponytail has many 
bonuses aside from blessing you with a hair-free expression. 

Some mention its long-lasting runway mileage, while others rejoice in 
its retro ‘90s look. Whatever the reason, I am clearly not putting 
this super cute look on the backburner anytime soon.

Check out the fun hair color combinations that this CHARME Alana Hair offers and 
try to disagree with me on this killer updoo. I double-dare you!

Store: C H A R M E 
Designer: Mary Charme (ti.cisse)
Product: Alana Hair 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Tiered dresses are cute, fun, flirty & feminine. Combined with ruffles, today 
these dresses are a statement of delicate womanhood with unique feminine flair. 

It might come as no surprise that ruffles have a romantic past. 

Surprisingly, its historical journey towards becoming ubiquitous in
women’s clothing came only after time spent in a man’s closet...OMG!

Seriously, the history of ruffle dresses goes back to 16th-century
Spain and Germany where they were unisex, worn by both genders. 

Nowadays, ruffles are back and are ultra-girly and beautifully avant-garde -
like this XH&A Madison tiered & ruffled dress. Its tiered ruffled hemlines,
corset sweetheart bodice and extravagant front bow and belted wrap
rocks with femininity and cutting-edge style.

This is the perfect piece to strut down Broadway or to party on some
exotic tropical sim. The best thing about this tiered dress is that it can be
styled casually or in a more formal settings with its fascinator hat. Just
change your shoes from a flat sandal to a pair of high heels and voila!

I find this XH&A Madison tiered & ruffled dress the perfect balance of
cute and sexy. The bow, ruffles and tiers make it cute and fun
while the strapless sweetheart bodice makes it sexy. 

I've always been a fan of tiered dresses, especially ones using
statement colors like the colors in the HUD for this XH&A Madison Dress.

You have your choice of deliciously mouthwatering Pink,
Pomegranate, Aqua, Green, Golden Yellow, Purple, Blue or Orange. 

This colorful dress with its sweetheart bodice, big gorgeous belted front bow
and tiered skirting is perfectly suited to quench all of your diva fashion thirsts. 

I love the petite starburst retro '60 print on this dress. This ruffled tier dress
number is so cute to wear for dates and special outings. Walking around in
a tiered dress adds so much flounce in each step you take here in SL.
 Wearing it puts a smile on your face and simply places you in a great mood. 

This tiered dress makes me want to twirl! Ha!

 And, what makes this dress so different from all types of other dresses is because
it's extra flirty without being overly sexy. This dress keeps it fun & youthful!

Store: [XH&A] Xen's Hats & Apparel 
Designer: Xenobia Foxclaw
Product: Madison Dress 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Friday, June 1, 2018

Swank Events' June Monochromatic Theme Introduces Selene Creation's Astrid Dress - Taking your Leather & Latex Fetishes Relatively Seriously

This sensational Selene Creations Astrid Dress dots the “I” in fashion with 
fabulous flourish. Unmistakably stylish, this dress is seen and never forgotten.

During the 1960s, The Avengers’ cat-suited Emma Peel and mod glossy go-go boots 
set the tone for punk designers like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren 
to bring latex (and leather) fetishism into the full glare of fashion.

Although it may be considered high fashion, latex and leather also have
deep symbolic meaning. They are synonymous with dressing for pleasure. 

While most will never admit to it publicly, we all nurture secret
sexual fetishes which makes sex such an intense experience. 

They’re more ubiquitous than the cell phone and nearly as trendy. 

Some fetishes are more than just sexual proclivities; for they can 
become an obsession which can take control of our sex life. 

The term fetish is hundreds of years old. It comes from the Portuguese 
word "feitico," meaning obsessive fascination. 

For fetishists, latex and leather have power stronger than mere
sex appeal.  Wearing this Selene Astrid Dress can elevate it from mere 
commodity into an object of hyper-sexualized worship.

Latex has become a mainstream fashion fetish in part due to the popularity 
of “Fifty Shades.” In the world of fashion, latex has always been that subtrend 
that comes and goes - but today it has reached a new PG-rated bondage level.

For the fashion world it has become a zeitgeist phenomenon. It possesses it’s very own 
unique spirit; one that sets it timelessly apart from all other fashionable epochs. 

For some people, the thrill is in wearing the fetish nature of this garment. 
For others, it’s tactile and engaging with the person who wears it. 

For the most intense of fetishists, it is irrelevant who the wearer is - for the power 
is in the fetish object, whether a pair of stiletto boots, a tightly laced corset, 
or wet-shine catsuit or a scrumptious evening dress like this Selene Astrid Dress.

Exquisitely crafted, this distinctive dress features a gorgeous waist embracing, 
ruched, diagonal side button look with a deep cut sweetheart neckline.

It is beautifully fitted through the body down to its delicious asymmetric
pointed front split hem and stylish piping.

It comes with a HUD which lets you choose from Black, Red, Gold, 
Pink, Turquoise, Blue, Lime Green or Magenta solids. This dress is 
certainly a timeless staple and an instant classic!

This dress does not come with a warning label. However, it should be noted 
that even though this dress does not pose as a direct health hazard, 
it could lead you into the more dangerous realms of fetish play.

That said, it is best to maintain strict boundaries between your fantasy life here 
and your real life. Acknowledging the fantasies and maintaining that separation 
from real life helps you navigate your thoughts more productively.

Take your fetishes relatively seriously. For better or worse, they're a 
part of you, and something that you probably can't ignore. 

 For me, this sexy Selene Astrid Dress strikes a happy median - 
feeding my fetish curiosities without over-indulging.

Store: Selene Creations 
Designer: Selene Morgan (drachlilith)
Product: Astrid Dress 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Swank Events June Monochromatic Theme Premiers the LUXE Paris ANGEL BLUES Ensemble – Saying Oui to the Secret of French Fashion.

With Summer officially here and the evenings warming up, it is the time 
to turn discipline into routine, and then reframe it as indulgence.

That said, check out this chic, fun and playful layered top, bra, panty 
and trouser combo -  The Luxe Paris ANGEL BLUES Ensemble.

This outfit echoes a French inspired styling trick that Parisian women have 
long used. It is guaranteed to blow your boyfriend’s mind. This Outfit is 
forever chic with its timeless beauty, style and substance.

To the Frenchwoman, outer beauty and inner beauty are connected. 
Confidence is her biggest charm, and that comes not only from accepting 
her own unique characteristics but also enhancing the assets she possesses. 

Own it!  Making the effort to improve your appearance, whether it is 
how you wear your makeup or splurging on a killer pair of Pradas - 
it isn’t selfish, for it’s directly connected to your self-worth. 

The most alluring French women are women of substance and they 
show it off by being fascinating in their confident appearance. 

This Luxe Paris ANGEL BLUES ensemble underscores this premise with 
its direct relation to beauty, fantasy, sexuality, and identity. 

This beautiful matching blue patterned bra and panty set under 
this white sheer embroidered floral lace crop top and pants/trousers 
makes such a lovely fashion statement. speaks French to me.

The key to this outfit is of course its all-out gorgeous bra. 
With its pretty straps, rear string tie and perfect, curve-hugging fit – 
it pairs your safest bets to an almost risqué appearance. 

So, indulge yourself in this sleek minimalist Angel Blues combo.

It captures the essence of the French styling secret - 
understanding chic fashion and the confidence in wearing it.

Store: LUXE Paris Fashion
Designers: Paris Skytower & Mika Palmyra
Product: Angel Blues Outfit
Collection: Monochromatics
Release: June 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Keeping Frank's Alive - Maintaining Our Social Perspective and Appreciation for Morality and its Virtues in Human Life

Nowhere else but in Second Life can we experience truly enchanting virtual worlds - 
and that very concept of enchantment belongs to a magical place called Frank’s Jazz. 

For at Frank’s Jazz it is still possible to experience the genuine wonder of the past, 
back to those magical eras in time which blended music with formal elegance. 

Frank’s is an iconic reminder in Second Life of the innovative contributions 
the music world has given our society with its deep connections 
to aesthetics, ambiance, charm and romance. 

Frank's Entertainment Group (FEG) which was founded by Nanceee &
Gymmy Sinatra in 2007, took its eponymous roots from Frank Sinatra
and the moods that his classic performances and music inspired. 

Modeled after the nightclubs of the Swing & Swank Eras, Frank's offers its very own 
tasteful style with privately streamed music under a richly formal dress code environ. 

Guests are treated to live appearances by quality disc jockeys and singing performers. 

If you are looking for that special someone in your life or simply desire to enjoy an evening
out with your significant other - Frank’s provides the atmosphere for both fun and romance 
in a truly wonderful ballroom environment. Hosts & hostesses attend 
to the guests making this place something truly magical.

That is why I feel so compelled to write this very important blog. 

There are very few places in Second Life remaining today that truly have 
meaningful existence. Frank’s Jazz is one such place and it is why 
it deserves both our love & immediate attention.

Perhaps the best way to begin to describe the importance of Frank’s Jazz is to 
compare & contrast it to the dearth and alienation of many adult clubs here in SL - 
where class, romance and sophistication surrender to the dark and confused 
premodernities and proclivities of sex and nudity.

This darker world many argue is disenchanting - for it discourages effective attachment to 
what true love & romance is all about through what can be experienced here in Second Life.  

Frank's Jazz by contrast offers romantic enchantment and an open atmosphere 
to bring back our social appreciation for the morality & virtues in human life. 

The specific parts of Frank’s are so various, and so interesting. 

Frank's Jazz, Frank's Elite, Bogart’s, the Galleria, the Chateau d'Elite Restaurant and
the wonderful CUTS concerts all combine in tasteful harmony, sophistication and
elegance to bring back into our lives something very special and endearing. 

That said, maintaining Frank’s Jazz and the enchantment it brings 
to our Second Life experience deserves our attention. 

For there to be another “next time’ when you plan to come into Frank’s Jazz, 
please remind yourself to contribute a stipend of appreciation by 
donating to Keep Frank’s Jazz Alive in Second Life. 

 Many places in Second Life come and go. It would be a sad day 
to see the magic of Frank’s disappear from Second Life. 

Share this love letter blog with others. Thank you again for
your meaningful contributions for Keeping Frank’s Alive.