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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Belladonna Sans Una Donna Pearl Dress & Hat: A Beautiful Sonata

If you're looking for a stylish cocktail dress with an elegant twist, 
take a look at this sensational
Belladonna Sans Una Donna Pearl Dress & Hat. 

This dress flatters your figure while evoking stunning 
sophistication and undeniable beauty.

From its veiled hat, to its modest scooped neckline, 
down to its wonderfully crafted layered and scalloped hem, 
you will look absolutely smashing wherever you journey 
in Second Life wearing this dress. 

I accessorized this cute dress with very simple accessories.
Just like a musical score with a beautiful accompanying 
sonata, this dress is the centerpiece with my accessories 
serving as its dashing accompaniments.

Always remember that the woman makes the dress 
and the dress makes the evening. 

That said, I wore this chunky square silver necklace with matching pendant earrings to harmonize with the scooped neckline of this Belladonna Sans Una Donna Pearl Dress.

I also paired this dress with long white gloves to elegantly 
enhance the white within the variegated 
colored print of the dress. 

I added a small white clutch and finished the dress 
with a pair of white espadrilles.

"Becky Da' Boop with Da' Scoop!"

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  1. Lovely dress, adds Mystery to any woman that wears it.