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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Prism Premiers the Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants @ SWANKS Events January '17

I could not think of a better setting modeling this 
Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants and sharing it 
with you at the wonderful Tuscany Villa at Belle Pace. 

The setting offers a natural beauty combined with 
a rich cultural experience that forms the fertile 
mosaic of the southern Tuscan landscape.

This sim provides a fantasy glimpse to some of the 
most wonderful natural scenery in all of Tuscany. 

Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants modeled in Teal Blue Top & Camel Pants
Although small, this sim possesses strikingly varied landscapes 
which I believe overlook the re-creation of Lake Trasimeno.

The romance of Tuscany architecture is everywhere you look. This 
Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants in Teal Blue & Camel 
is the perfect combo to wear while exploring its charming surroundings.

This Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pant Combo also comes available in Black and Camel

I appreciate Jac Mornington’s imagination and talented 
eye for bringing this wonderful island to Second Life. 

The beautifully styled hair comes in Black, Blond, Brown and Ginger

The villa appears to be inspired by La Limonaia, 
a traditional lavastone farmhouse surrounded by 
luxuriant gardens and fragrant orchards. 

It features a charming rustic kitchen, 
living area, dining, and upstairs bedroom and bathroom. 

The villa, graced with wooden plank and stone floors, overlooks 
a stunning blue-tiled swimming pool in the center of its courtyard. 

Once you venture outside into the courtyard, you will 
discover delightful outdoor ancillary areas to relax, converse 
and dine in the spirit of the Tuscan lifestyle.

The main villa is slightly more formal in décor than the more rustic 
farmhouse, yet both are very comfortable and quite beautiful. 

This Prism Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pant Outfit is perfect for your bike ride under the Tuscan Sun

A vintage bicycle with a teddy in its basket leans against the
wall, calling for you to ride it along the villa's scenic trails.

A red Ferrari is parked in its carriage garage next 
to an assortment of old world tools and other artifacts, 
which lends ambiance with the juxtaposition 
between the past and the present.

The interiors are light with harmonious colors. 
The villa is graced by beamed ceilings & stone steps. 

Belle Pace possesses such charm and romance, 
making the exquisite and unspoiled villa 
an enticingly perfect cocoon for lovers.

Store: Prism Design
Designer: JEZZIXA Cazalet
Product:Oriana Shawl Sweater & Pants
Collection: Winter 2017
Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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