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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keresma Rope Gown in Roses & Silks Premiering at SWANK Events January

As fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg once said, 
“To feel like a woman, please wear a dress.”

Well, look no further - for this stunningly sexy
Keresma Rope Rose Gown blossoms with femininity. 

Statuesque and lovely, this gown features a spaghetti
strapped deep plunge neckline with roped straps and
scrumptious rose patterning.

For me, I love choosing a formal gown that is a bit outside
the boundaries of what one might initially consider,
something that feels audaciously bold to wear. 

A gown of this design makes a fierce statement with its
deep plunging neckline with leafed cups held delicately in
place by long, slender, cross-wrapped sensuous straps. 

This wrap-around rope look certainly creates a stunning,
jaw-dropping transition at its empire waist.

It is a gorgeous cut that puts the waistband right below the
bust, complemented by the roping and especially flattering
which emphasizes the decolletage.

Without a doubt this Keresma Rope Rose Gown is one of the
sexiest of all mermaid dress silhouettes.

Its curve-hugging shape is guaranteed to take your man’s breath away.
It is truly an elegant style for the elegant you.

Try this Keresma Rope Gown in Roses and tell me what you think.
I would love your feedback!

Store: Keresma
Designer: Keres Scorpio (keres.bikcin) 
Product: Rope Gown in Roses 
Collection: Winter 2017
Release: January
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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