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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Come Celebrate Jolie’s New ART DREAMS Gallery - Wednesday, February 8th

Hear Yee, Hear Yee! Come one, come all to 
Jolie’s ART DREAMS Gallery’s Grand Opening!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ART DREAMS NOVUS Fondness 2017

Come explore her new gallery and check out the 
many wonderful exhibits that she has on display.

The vase also complements her canvas ART DREAMS Autumn Blaze.

If you enjoy vivid, impressionistic paintings that capture 
the feeling of being outdoors, you will absolutely 
fall in love with Jolie’s collections at her 
new Second Life ART DREAMS Gallery

ART DREAMS Sand and Sea Dreams

Inspired by Biophilic fractal patterns, her post impressionist 
technique is done with richly expressive colors and 
wonderful compositions that most effectively capture the 
beauty, emotional movement & drama of nature’s landscape. 

ART DREAMS Never Far 2017

Her work is proof that post impressionism is 
alive and well in Second Life and that the passion 
for and continuation of the great impressionists still rides 
high in our modern era through her creative endeavors.

Art emulates life through one's personal experiences. 

ART DREAMS Winter Telrunya 2017

Just like an intimate relationship, one must first relate 
to art to attain meaning of and intimacy with it. 
 So goes art in understanding its bond with our soul.

Art is subjective. Art is also one of the few things in life 
that can evoke divergent emotions with people. 

It all depends on what your eye perceives and how you interpret it.

ART DREAMS Calas Beach Retreat 2017

To some, a painting may just be splashes of color on canvas 
without content. However to others, when scrutinized 
closely this same painting may reveal itself as a calming pathway 
lined with beautiful flowers under a canopy of shade trees in springtime.

Jolie’s work speaks volumes to that premise.

Her artwork blossoms with the vivid use of color in digital 
brushstrokes through her deep innate passions & sensualities.

Formally taught by Masters from the Cape School of Art in 
Provincetown, Massachusetts, Jolie's unique style and artful 
techniques reflects not only her life experiences but more profoundly 
her quest to push beyond the boundaries from what was to what is to become.

Classically trained in plein-air technique in real life, she studied 
intensively, creating paintings from life, be it portrait, still life or landscape.  

Jolie started showing in publlc shows at the age of 19 and that same 
year worked as a sidewalk portrait artist for Walt Disney World. 


After many rewarding years teaching Art in public schools, 
Jolie is now happily exploring new worlds in digital arts to 
push beyond the envelope of the past into new horizons to 
be appreciated by all those who seek knowledge and love 
for the fine arts. 

ART DREAMS Sand Dreams

Nature is a Biophilic gift and Impressionism is the 
celebration of life through our innate love for nature. 

Jolie’s Fractal patterns and forms are captured with her 
vivid use of color and magical brush strokes to sooth and 
delight our Biophilic senses. 

Her art is a marriage of her real life painting and digital skills. 
It is also a joyful reminder on canvas of how 
we experience life and appreciate all of its blessings.

Come visit her Art Dreams Gallery at:


  1. Becky is a true word artist with an exceptional understanding of art concepts ! Thank you Becky for a beautiful article.

  2. This is a fabulous well written article of Jolie, RL/SL artist...