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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Boutique Discovery: Revealing Pleasures & Treasures from Belle Epoque

Belle Epoque Dahlia Pink Corset Lingerie 

You’ve seen me wear a variety of ensembles here in Second Life. 

From time to time, you’ve also seen me blog about 

different places to experience here as well. 

As a fashion blogger, it’s important for me to remain objective 
in my work and do my best. Along this wonderful journey I 
have also discovered remarkable talent and exceptional design. 

Although much of what I blog is provided me through vendors, 
I still love to shop here on my own and explore.

For me, the bottom line is that if I wouldn’t buy it for 
myself, I wouldn’t recommend it to others. 

I wanted to share with you about this cute little boutique I 
just found called, BELLE EPOQUE owned by Janire Van Belle. 

It is becoming one of my favorite boutiques here in 
Second Life and a must for you to see.

Belle Epoque Heather in Black

My favorite thing about BELLE EPOQUE is how insanely 
cute her clothes are. I want them all! 

When looking for a place to shop, I always look for clothes 
that are not only staying up with the latest trends, but also 
boutiques that still offer those classic pieces that are so 
historically important to me.

BELLE EPOQUE has a nice selection of clothing and styles
that have me swooning over just how chic and cute they are.

Belle Epoque Eider Headpiece in Ivory

From formal wear and casual clothes to adorable dresses 
with playful hats and other fun accessories, BELLE EPOQUE 
has the charm and warmth of a small town boutique with 
great attention to detail.

I’m always impressed with designers here who makes their 
outfits a little extra special. It's all about the personal touches like the ribbon 
attention to detail on the Belle Epoque Dahlia Pink lingerie corset or the 
wonderful Belle Epoque Eider Headpiece flower & headband detailing.

So, whether you’re a girl who likes to dress up or just play 
it casual (I’m definitely a girl who likes both), you will definitely 
be able to find something that fits your needs and style at BELLE EPOGUE.

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