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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Swank Events November Premiers Loordes of London's "The SL Retro Look"

This coming Fall/Winter Season's fashion trend is moving towards mixing, layering, juxtaposing and stitching together unsuspected combinations of clothing pieces. 

 This Loordes of London "The SL Retro Look" #7 does exactly that.

From glamorous formal wear to eclectic street smart fashion statements, 
Loordes of London sets yet another trend-setting bar here in Second Life. 

What may at first seem at odds, this playful outfit cleverly mixes and matches a pullover knit sweater with that of a buttoned-down and collared dress shirt. 

It is a very stylish and laid-back look without appearing "done-up" or "contrived."

The trends this season are truly heading towards a look of more comfort, 
while retaining a casual chic sense of fun with artistic flair & pizzazz.

Casual chic is not so much a style as it is an attitude towards fashion. 
This Loordes of London SL Retro Look captures this attitude in every detail.

This casual chic looking SL Retro Look celebrates one's individuality 
with both youthful purpose and self-assurance. 

To be done successfully, layering is a key tip in pulling off the 
casual chic street-style. The carefully chosen basics 
like this sweater & shirt combination are powerful fashion staples. 

I love this look because you can combine pieces together in many different ways. 

To complement this Loordes of London Retro Look outfit, I paired it with 
chunky beaded Mandala Pearl-Rain-Season choker with matching earrings and bracelets, Exxess Champagne Floppy Hat, Veechi Argyle Knit Stockings 
and Tetra Double Wrap Booties with Socks.

Store: Loordes of London
Designer: Maja Signa (coleen.macarthur)
Product: The SL Retro Look 
Collection: Colors of Autumn
Release: November 2017

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