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Monday, November 6, 2017

Ghostyss Amira Shirt & Pants Outfit Now Premiering at Swank Events November - An Attractive & Unique Piece for Those Who Love to Stand Out.

It’s impossible not to notice the fabulous chain work on this Ghostyss Amira 
outfit's perfect-fit brown denim ankle pants. This look is divine! 

Styled with striped cuffs, this Ghostyss Amira Shirt & Pant Outfit elevates 
your daytime look with flair and stands ready for a night on the town.

This style of clothing with its color-matching knotted blouse and metal-accented 
pants has absorbed elements from subcultural influences as diverse as 
heavy metal rock to motorcycle to modern military clothing. 

It is from this linking of different sub-cultures which makes this 
style of clothing unique and fun to wear - All of which can be appreciated 
in the fabulous aesthetics of this delightfully ingenious outfit. 

Although the adjectives of sweet, soft and demure may not be appropriate 
for this fashion look, this outfit’s sophisticated use of striped banding at the
collar, belt line, outseams and cuffs gives it a very smart and sexy look. 

With its draped curb chain gunmetal accents this Ghostyss Amira Shirt & Pants Outfit 
is both attractive and unique for those who love to stand out.

Not to be confused with punk-metal, anti-fashion, or hardcore punk apparel, 
this style takes its cues from high-end fashion with a touch of art deco, 
sprinkled with original detailing and a twist of the unusual.

Store: Ghostyss Designs 
Designer: KRYSS GHOST (kryss.holmer) 
Product: Amira Shirt & Pants Outfit  
Collection: Colors of Autumn
Release: November 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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