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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Now Premiering at SWANK Event November '17- The Prism Staci Blouse & Leggings "Red Fox" Outfit.

Fashion has many different outlets and it is a great way to express yourself. 

There are seemingly endless combinations as to what can be worn together. 
Case in Point: This Prism Staci Blouse & Leggings "Red Fox" Outfit.  

This casual collection is so chic and elegant.

The crop top was born as a part of the 1970 pop culture. The hippie movement 
popularized the “au-natural” look. Back then, one of the most popular looks was 
created by tying off the blouses in the front - hence, the cropped top came into being.

This Prism blouse revisits this era and rocks with playful yet sophisticated 
femininity. Its fun pattern palette of foxes, owls and squirrels is 
juxtaposed against a very elegantly cropped blouse. 

The blouse features a smart looking integral mandarin collar, keyhole 
neckline, and quarter-length sleeves with pointy shoulders.

This blouse goes great with these leggings - like Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream!!! 

Today, leggings are a popular type of leg wear that can be worn for 
casual every day use as well as on many other occasions.

This wasn’t always the case. Although leggings have been 
worn for centuries, they were originally worn only by men.

During the 1980s, the popularity of yoga, fitness and dance studios 
turned leggings into fashion craze which epitomized the decade. 

And by the 1990s, leggings were outselling jeans in the USA. 

Today’s leggings have evolved to stay at the forefront of fashion as a staple - 
with so many styles, materials, colors and patterns to choose from. 

Personally, I wear leggings often and in very much the same way as 
I would wear tights. I also wear them with tunics and long sweaters. 

My main take-away from all of this is that the driving influence of fashion 
for this piece was from the hippy culture of my parents. 

High fashion and runways also had less of an impact on this trend than 
the movies, pop culture, fashion icons and artists of the time. 

So, thank you Mom for being such a great fashion Hippie!
And, thank you Jezzixa for creating this fabulous outfit!

Store: Prism Designs 
Designer: Jezzixa Cazalet 
Product: Prism Staci Blouse & Leggings "Red Fox" Outfit  
Collection: Colors of Autumn
Release: November 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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