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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Paisley Daisy Sweet Street Dress Collection Now Premiering @ Swank Events September 2017 - Japanese Street Fashion for Fun and Flirt

The street scene in Japan has metamorphized into a vast diversity of fashion 
subcultures. The looks can be over-the-top cute and colorful to extremely dark. 

The heart of the Japanese street fashion scene is Harajuku. Countless designers, 
global trends, and fashion subcultures got their start in this small neighborhood of Tokyo. 

Harajuku remains the heart & soul of the Japanese street fashion scene. 

From haute couture to hardcore sneaker heads, from styles inspired by fairy tales to
the cyber future, it is a cultural wonder and one that is forever evolving.

This Paisley Daisy Sweet Street dress collection reflects this playful fashion phenomenon.

Joeylin has put together a collection of three colorful & artsy print dresses: the Sweet Street Panda Dress; the Sweet Street Blondie Dress and; the Sweet Street Hot Pink Holler Dress. 

These dresses feature a cute ruched & buttoned bodice with peek-a-boo black scallop lace hem, short buttoned black-trimmed shrug and short black laced hem skirt.

This is a very cute collection of dresses. In Japan, they would be considered one of the more fashionable and cutting edge styles. It is the perfect dress to go shopping in Harajuku.

Aside from the solid Hot Pink Holler dress, the Sweet Street Blondie and Panda dresses both focus on mixing different patterns, bright colors and artful elements to create a unique look. 

It also leaves you with some of your own sweet street styling touches for both fun and flirtatious flaunting. I stylized my outfit with an adorable panda hat, cute baxter glasses, gloves, snuggs and a pair of fabulous strappy high-heels.

Store: Paisley Daisy
Designer: joeylin
Products: Sweet Street Hot Pink Holler, Blondie & Panda Dresses 
Collection: Tokyo Mix
Release: September 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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