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Thursday, July 13, 2017

LIZIAAH Island Girl Bralet & Skirt Premiers at SWANK Events July 2017

Dress up in style with this latest Liziaah (LIZ) Island Girl Bralet Top and Skater Skirt. 
It is one of three collections now being premiered at Swank Events July 2017. 

This cute skater skirt design was inspired by the figure 
skating dancers in the kitsch & funky 1980’s. 

I think that Olympic Ice-Skating is one of the most beautiful 
and ethereal events I have ever seen.

As a young girl I became so inspired watching these elegant athletes skating 
so flawlessly in these circular, flowy and pleated short skirts. 

These skirts flowed so smoothly from their waists with every move on the ice. 

Today, the skater skirt look has become a trend in its own right 
and a staple fashion choice for women.

The beauty of this outfit is how cool and easy it can look with anything. 

It can look posh and fashionable in a very glam way paired 
with classic pumps, stilettos & high heeled shoes. 

Easily dressed up or down for any season, you can add tights or keep your 
legs bare with its playful, funky bralet bikini top for a romp on the beach.

This LIZ Island Girl Outfit truly possesses a sense of multifaceted femininity 
with a carefree, playful and innocent girl look. 

It is pretty safe to say that this style has become a fashion staple.

This adorable skirt and top combo may quickly become one of your most 
flattering items in your Second Life closet.

By design, it adds curves and it enhances the appearance of long legs 
with its high waist and mini cut design.

Designer: Liziaah (liziaah.lavecchia)
Product: Island Girl Skirt & Bralet Top 
Collection: Tropical Island Heat
Release: July 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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