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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

LRD Proudly Debuts the Sandra Dress at Swank Events May 2017

Fashion flashback: Tassel dresses are one of sexiest 
ways to look on point this season. 

This trend isn’t just a fleeting fashion moment. Our fashion 
culture has been stepping out in tassels throughout history. 

From Native American Indians, western wear, flapper dresses, and 
rock n’ roll – tassels iconic adornment has earned its place in fashion history.

Take this LRD Sandra Dress for example. 

Oh yes, one may think that those little tassles are a 
seemingly insignificant, frivolous bit of fluff. 

But, just like fishing lures in sport, tassels add an 
alluring & teasing detail which adds just enough sexiness 
and artiness to make your man bite your hook. 

Just ask Rhett Butler in “Gone with the Wind.”

A bit boho, a bit frilly, the tassels on this LRD Sandra 
asymmetrical dress add both crispness & fun to your strut. 

The dress comes with a coloring changing HUD which allows 
you to change the base color of the dress and metallic accents.

Tassels are so cozy in appearance, and they are getting 
much love from some of this year’s leading fashion designers. 

One key ingredient in wearing tassels correctly is to wear them 
on just one article of clothing or accessory and not repeat. 

These pieces may include a bag covered with tassels,jewelry, a 
curtain blouse, sweater, tunic or boots for majorette chic. 

These are all excellent ways to use tassels worthy of cheering about.

Minimalism is definitely giving way to Pocahontas.

So Ladies… you have your marching orders. 
Tassels dresses are now officially fashionable.

Store: LRD
Designer: LRD Mesh Clothes (linealrise)
Product: Sandra Dress
Collection: Wild Spring
Release: May 2017

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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