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Friday, May 12, 2017

GLITTER CHANTAL Lace Dress Premiers @ SWANK Events May 2017 - The dress which certainly makes your Man realize what he has been missing

For me personally, fashion here in Second Life is all about show, dreams, and fantasy. 

Modeling the new VIRTUAL DIVA Lana Hairstyle 

It is also about the excitement of wearing something that is stunning, 
and that which also gives you a little break from your real life world. 

It's like doing a dress-up and fantasizing about being a rockstar, princess or a sexy bombshell.

Fashion dressing here in SL can be also defined as slavishly keeping up with what 
other people are wearing here for mere pennies on the dollar. 

It's tremendously fun however it can leave you feeling 
desperate if you are not stylized correctly. 

A super-trendy outfit needs to match your special personality. 
Your personality is therefore the essence of looking great and stylish.

That being said, this is one dress that every woman should and must own in Second Life. 

This GLITTER CHANTAL Lace Dress not only shows off your goodies but 
it can be also worn to attract to make your own guy crazy. 

Better still, when you've been with your man for a long time and he doesn't
seem to treating you right, this GLITTER CHANTAL Lace Dress is just the cure. 

It is the special dress you wear when you go out with your lady friends 
because you've had enough - and every guy in the room goes "DAMMMN!”

This is one sexy piece of clothing indeed. The scintillating lace detailing and 
peek-a-boo keyhole features of this dress puts it off the Rickter magnitude scale. 
Girls, this is the kind of dress that makes men tremble for you.

This is also called a “freakum” dress, and wearing this hot little bodycon number 
will certainly make your man realize what he has been missing.

Designer: Shine Messmer
Product: CHANTAL Lace Dress
Collection: Wild Spring
Release: May 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)