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Friday, March 3, 2017

Swank Events March Premiers the Isa D'Orable Creations Janis Dress: Where Burlesque Meets BDSM

Captivating your sensual mind somewhere between Burlesque and BDSM, 
this Isa D’Orable Janis Corset Dress transforms your innocence, 
seducing you into the erotic world here in Second Life. 

It is a dark world that you would think twice about ever mentioning to your mother.

At first, I thought about wearing this black sexy Isa D’Orable Janis Dress, 
to blog the art and history of burlesque and the corset. 

However, I was then immediately beckoned by this erotic whisper into my ear, 
being led away by bondage to a curtained-off chamber at the back of a burlesque stage, 
a dark and musky space set aside for patrons to engage in consensual BDSM play.

This Janis Corset Dress epitomizes the obscure and dark. 

By donning this dress, the art of the tease beckons your playful & indulgent side, 
making you passionately submissive to your sexual proclivities & pleasures.

It takes you back into a dimly lit and smoke-filled room, where you become submissively constrained to accept your fate, unable to resist the 50 Shades of Grey.

This dress is about to incarcerate both your imagination and soul -
reminding you of what your fate will become at the hands of your Master.

This corset allows you to respond in the most passionate yet “disciplined” of ways 
where the mere sound of the whip conjures up both pain & pleasure.

Store: Isa D’Orable Creations
Designer: Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron)
Product: Janis Dress
Collection: Hollywood Glam

Release: March
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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