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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Swank Events March Premieres this Sexy Pink Ice Sarah Micro Mini Dress

There is such a sultry feeling that possesses my primal being 
when I am in a crowded SL nightclub wearing this scantily clad 
 Pink Ice Sarah Micro Mini. 

I love it when people will stop and stare at me because they 
can see so much of my bare body. I feel so pretty, 
so sexy, so feminine, and so desired. 

There's nothing sensually comparable to being somewhere 
with little way to cover up and then having men look at 
you and want to ravage your body right then and there. 

So ladies, before you go out on the town wearing this 
Pink Ice Sarah Micro Micro, it’s best that you first take 
precautions and read the warning label on this dress.

One of the sexy things about the spaghetti strap top of this 
mini is that it leaves the sides of my breasts partially bare. 

I love how these straps tie from center cup then loop back 
separately over each shoulder, returning to my upper midsection. 

It also leaves a vast expanse of my slender toned back 
enticingly naked - plunging down the small of my back. 

Wear this dress and you will hear whispers in the crowd. 

This shimmering red sequined mini has very sexy side slits at the hips. 

Because of its extremely short hemline, it is also best to wear panties 
since this mini skirt makes it very easy to expose yourself.

I wore studded, black strapped 4" high platform pumps with this dress. 
These are among my favorite.  I love the way they wrap 
my ankles and caress the base of my sexy arches. 

They are the kind of sexy heels that scream seduce me. 

So be the sexy siren you are inside, looking deliciously bare for 
a night on the town wearing this Pink Ice Sarah Micro Mini. 

You will be the hottest, sexiest, and most watched babe in the room.

Designer: Hayley Dixon
Product: Sarah Micro Mini Dress
Collection: Hollywood Glam
Release: March 2017

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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