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Friday, October 16, 2015

#SLFW2015 Mistique Nelli Top & Skirt: A Creative & Innovative Bridge of Gothic and Steampunk Movements

Goths have always been known for wearing dark clothes and makeup modeled from the early gothic traditions of the 19th century. 

Goth dress culture is based mostly of the imagery of this 19th century Gothic, mixed with a splash of horror and a pinch of S&M.

Recently a newer, subcultural movement called 
Steampunk has arrived as a fashion statement. 

This movement has incorporated past, present, and future 
technology within the confines of the Victorian Steam Era 
during the Industrial Revolution. 

Steampunk also takes its influences from 19th century literature.  

But apart from Gothic literature, it emulates from the 
Industrial Victorian era largely influenced by the works of 
H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, while at once incorporating 
elements of science fiction and future technology.

But is Steampunk an innovative subculture to Goth 
or is it the Goth movement of the 90s revisited? 

Mistique has answered that question in this stunning creation.

This Nelli Top and Skirt Outfit by Mistique makes the innovative 
bridge between Gothic Traditional and Steampunk Clothing.

Its design represents a dynamic new style relevant 
to the evolution of Steampunk Gothic with a quirky 
yet well executed fashion forward twist. 

I love how she tastefully combined a puffed shouldered and buckled shrug with that of an underbust corset-like lace-up bodice 
then complemented it with a loose-belted knee-length 
gothic brocade skirt with ruffled hem. 

It can now be arguably said that Mistique has emerged as 
a Second Life Goth fashion leader by demonstrating through introduction of this modern evolutionary style in the Goth movement.

Store: Mistique
Designers: Mahi Dreamscape (mahilwen.mistwalker) 
Product: Nelli Top & Skirt
Collection: Autumn Winter 2015
Release: 10 October

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