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Sunday, October 11, 2015

#SLFW2015 - Ever An' Angel.Petit Point Plum Evening Gown: Striking the Perfect Balance Between the Present and the Past

If you are looking for an embroidered gown, 
there is no need to go up into the attic in search 
of your great grandmother’s heirloom boxes. 

Instead, you might go check out this 
Petit Point Plum Evening Gown by Ever An' Angel. 

And of course, this gown isn’t intended for a grandmother at all!

Wowzers!  And, talk about heirloom fashion! 

 Hopefully, we'll see more designers adopt 
the trend of this rich contemporary yet nostalgic look.

For me, life is about tradition and honoring the beauty 
of both my mother and my grandmother. 

This dress certainly achieves this and goes well beyond.

I feel that this dress represents the intimate connection I have 
with both of them, the respect I have for the women they 
were and are, and my full admiration of them. 

Wearing this dress in Second Life is one way of showing just that - 
for it is both stunning and possesses great ­sentimental value

This gorgeous silhouette strikes the right balance between 
the present and the past, creating a figure-hugging evening gown 
which speaks of timeless glamour, sophistication & class. 

Ever Courtois pays particular attention to the detail 
and quality of her mesh creations without exception. 

You can readily observe this in all of her exquisite designs.

I absolutely love how the sheer floral panel of its 
bodice elegantly frames my shoulders and then 
transcends to its low sweetheart satin deep plum bra. 

 As your eyes further travel down this beautiful gown, 
they are warmed by a fluid tapestry of rich petit point 
gold patterning that ensures eye-catching appeal
without sacrificing its fashion-forward elegance.

Store: Ever An' Angel 

Designer: Ever Courtois

Product: Petit Point Plum Evening Gown
Collection: Autumn Winter 2015
Release: 10 October

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Well written and well photographed. You are stunning...and so is the gown.