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Friday, October 30, 2015

Mistique Dawn Gown: A Choice of Fair Play Between an Angel & Demon

Long ago, there was a war in heaven... 

Michael and his angels fought against a great dragon. 
The dragon was cast out in his attempt to deceive the world. 

We are the in-between creatures cast down as fallen angels as a result of that war. From two different angels who fell in love with each other, I am the offspring born from this forbidden love. 

This is my story.

There are rules of the world and the universe. 

One is a epic law basic in the heavens 
which is enforced with blood & vengeance.

Angel and demon worlds are quite real... 
And they must live their lives separately. 

It is written that a demon and an angel must never fall in love. 
They are never to meet and live long enough to do so. 

Angels are intended to kill the demons to 
protect the creations of their Lord. 

If an angel and a demon should cross paths, the angel must kill the demon immediately so no harm befalls the creations of God.

But, compassion has a strange way of changing
the workings of this world...Very strange, indeed.

I am a result of this compassion, full of innocence and love
broken by a world of beauty juxtaposed by hate.

I am a angel born from an angel and a demon’s love forever 
in eternal conflict. As an angel I watch over you, guide you and protect you from the demon’s doings, to turn away from the evil whispers.

My vision to mortals is one of beauty with soft baby blue eyes and
golden silken hair. I am cloaked in the violet colored gown of dawn’s light, beautiful yet adorned by a demon’s feathered wings. 

Everything about my presence is elegant.
I stand high with a slender silhouette, my
love radiating as strongly as my fierceness.

Store: Mistique
Designers: Mahi Dreamscape (mahilwen.mistwalker) 
Product: Dawn Violet Fair Play Gown
Collection: Autumn Winter 2015

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