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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Belladonna Couture Peace Shirt Dress: Fashion Forward Love & Happiness

A hippie is someone that respects Mother Nature 
and doesn't harm but instead gives love. 

That is how I immediately felt putting on this wonderful 
Peace Shirt Dress by Belladonna Couture.

Being a hippie is all about attitude.

Love, peace, and understanding is the answer
to many things in life and this outfit by
 Belladonna certainly brings out that spirit inside me.

These ideals were fought for by many of our parents
in the 60's and have since been passed down to us. 

So, what better way to express these ideals
than to express them in fashion forward style.

Being able to chill and to be carefree is important.  

This colorful Peace Shirt Dress outfit by Belladonna is such 
a great way to express the carefree hippie in all of us.  

It's a spirit, a love, a belief, and an ideal about 
speaking out for what you believe in...

Now that is true beauty, just like this outfit.

So go out there in style wearing this 
Belladonna Peace Shirt Dress outfit.  

Greet the Second Life world with an open loving heart 
in a carefree fashion forward state of mind.

"Becky Da' Boop With Da' Scoop!"

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