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Sunday, August 5, 2018

SWANK Around the World Premiers the OTB! "Draped in Love" Furniture Set - Outdoor Living Furnishings at Their Very Finest

Rich in architecture and layered with the beauty of nature, Second Life 
offers a biophilic respite from our daily chores in real life. 

Whether it’s experiencing mystical trees in a sequestered forest, a
beautiful beach or the placid calm of a lake, we all have our favorite places to
explore and/or create here - for the world of Second Life is our imaginative oyster. 

That said, when it comes to outdoor living spaces, life here has significantly evolved. 

Outside the Box (OTB!) offers trendy mesh furniture sets designed 
to change the way you live here in Second Life. 

When it comes to the design of your casual lifestyle here in Second Life, the
outdoor living amenities that OTB offers exponentially adds to your quality of life. 

With such imaginative environmental creations all around us, it is no wonder
that the sky’s the virtual limit when it comes to OTB’s incredible designs. 

OTB offers this unique “Draped in Love” Furniture Set which adds that 
perfect extra touch of class to our very own outdoor living space. 

Christaine and I share this magical Peter Pan-Like island paradise together.
We have been living on this very same island now for over 7 years. 

With our island sims sugar-white sand beaches, lush tropical gardens, 
secret lagoons and polynesian style architecture, we are very 
discerning when it comes to our outdoor furnishings.

I have found that OTB provides the perfect blend of quality mesh furniture 
mixed with superb attention to detail and wonderful textures.
The otterman and teal-potted fern provided in the set are SO beautiful!

As an avid blogger, I also enjoy spending much of my leisure time reading. 

I have found that the animations that Kasslina has scripted into the Draped in 
Love Sofa are so well done! I absolutely love the reading and relaxation poses!

The draped canvas awnings are a very nice touch to the outdoor living patio, 
giving it a very unique sense of place and intimate scale.

Store: Outside The Box (OTB!) 
Designer: Kasslina Moonglow (kasslina)
Product: Draped In Love Sofa
Collection: Swank Around the World
Release: August 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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