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Monday, June 4, 2018

Swank Events June Monochromatics Theme Introduces the CHARME Alana Hair - A Super Chic Hair Style Which Accomplishes what Most Other Looks Aim to Do but Fail.

Some think that it's blasphemy to refer to the high ponytail as a trend these days. 
I tend to believe it as well. This hairstyle staple, like this beautifully detailed 
CHARME Alana Hair, is now happily entrenched as a classic - earning 
prime acclaim from the topmost of fashion critics everywhere. 

Today, the high pony is one of life’s great common fashion denominators. 

From stair-stepping at your everyday gym to strutting down the fashion runways - 
most everyone embraces it as both practical and in high fashion. 

The 1990s retro-inspired top-knots and updos have recently given way
to the splendor of this high pony style on the streets.  

It is a look that has earned its keep for good. 

This hair style accomplishes what most other looks aim to do but fail 
to achieve – for it gets high marks on being unusual, but also pretty 
darn chic and easy to wear both casually and formally.

Far from being a trendy afterthought, the high ponytail has many 
bonuses aside from blessing you with a hair-free expression. 

Some mention its long-lasting runway mileage, while others rejoice in 
its retro ‘90s look. Whatever the reason, I am clearly not putting 
this super cute look on the backburner anytime soon.

Check out the fun hair color combinations that this CHARME Alana Hair offers and 
try to disagree with me on this killer updoo. I double-dare you!

Store: C H A R M E 
Designer: Mary Charme (ti.cisse)
Product: Alana Hair 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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