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Friday, June 1, 2018

Swank Events' June Monochromatic Theme Introduces Selene Creation's Astrid Dress - Taking your Leather & Latex Fetishes Relatively Seriously

This sensational Selene Creations Astrid Dress dots the “I” in fashion with 
fabulous flourish. Unmistakably stylish, this dress is seen and never forgotten.

During the 1960s, The Avengers’ cat-suited Emma Peel and mod glossy go-go boots 
set the tone for punk designers like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren 
to bring latex (and leather) fetishism into the full glare of fashion.

Although it may be considered high fashion, latex and leather also have
deep symbolic meaning. They are synonymous with dressing for pleasure. 

While most will never admit to it publicly, we all nurture secret
sexual fetishes which makes sex such an intense experience. 

They’re more ubiquitous than the cell phone and nearly as trendy. 

Some fetishes are more than just sexual proclivities; for they can 
become an obsession which can take control of our sex life. 

The term fetish is hundreds of years old. It comes from the Portuguese 
word "feitico," meaning obsessive fascination. 

For fetishists, latex and leather have power stronger than mere
sex appeal.  Wearing this Selene Astrid Dress can elevate it from mere 
commodity into an object of hyper-sexualized worship.

Latex has become a mainstream fashion fetish in part due to the popularity 
of “Fifty Shades.” In the world of fashion, latex has always been that subtrend 
that comes and goes - but today it has reached a new PG-rated bondage level.

For the fashion world it has become a zeitgeist phenomenon. It possesses it’s very own 
unique spirit; one that sets it timelessly apart from all other fashionable epochs. 

For some people, the thrill is in wearing the fetish nature of this garment. 
For others, it’s tactile and engaging with the person who wears it. 

For the most intense of fetishists, it is irrelevant who the wearer is - for the power 
is in the fetish object, whether a pair of stiletto boots, a tightly laced corset, 
or wet-shine catsuit or a scrumptious evening dress like this Selene Astrid Dress.

Exquisitely crafted, this distinctive dress features a gorgeous waist embracing, 
ruched, diagonal side button look with a deep cut sweetheart neckline.

It is beautifully fitted through the body down to its delicious asymmetric
pointed front split hem and stylish piping.

It comes with a HUD which lets you choose from Black, Red, Gold, 
Pink, Turquoise, Blue, Lime Green or Magenta solids. This dress is 
certainly a timeless staple and an instant classic!

This dress does not come with a warning label. However, it should be noted 
that even though this dress does not pose as a direct health hazard, 
it could lead you into the more dangerous realms of fetish play.

That said, it is best to maintain strict boundaries between your fantasy life here 
and your real life. Acknowledging the fantasies and maintaining that separation 
from real life helps you navigate your thoughts more productively.

Take your fetishes relatively seriously. For better or worse, they're a 
part of you, and something that you probably can't ignore. 

 For me, this sexy Selene Astrid Dress strikes a happy median - 
feeding my fetish curiosities without over-indulging.

Store: Selene Creations 
Designer: Selene Morgan (drachlilith)
Product: Astrid Dress 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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