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Sunday, May 6, 2018

WOW!! Look What Just Arrived at May's SWANK "Wild Spring" Fashion Event - This Delicious J U M O Wild Maya Gown!

Are you searching for the perfect tropical gown? Something perhaps on the
slightly revealing side - but with demure elegance & sophistication
to make that stunning appearance at a formal event?

June Monteiro just released this absolutely stunning and sophisticated new gown
for May’s SWANK “Wild Spring” Event. Whatever you do, don't miss this one!

If you enjoy the sheer beauty and femininity of a floral patterned dress, 
then look no further! For all things magical can be found in this tastefully 
designed & revealing JUMO Wild Spring Maya Gown.

I have a lot of really pretty undergarments, and I love showing them off discreetly 
 whenever possible and appropriate - that's why I am totally into wearing 
a mixed textured solid and sheer patterned dress like this Maya Gown.

The look of thin, ethereal fabric mixed with solid patterning flowing around my 
body appeals to my sensual side. However, it is important to recognize how 
inappropriate some sheer styles of clothing can be at certain venues. 

Too much revealing sheer is not really the best idea, let's say if you were going out 
to Frank's Jazz - where the dress code standards are very high and enforced. Evening
cocktail parties or other less conservative events would certainly be more suitable.

That said, this Maya Gown aptly complements both my formal and 
semi-formal indulgences here in Second Life. Most importantly, 
its attention to detailing is both superbly and magnificently executed. 

It comes with a HUD menu which gives you several different color/textures options 
including both floral and tropical leaf pattern options for your personality & mood.

So, if you’re comfortable showing a little more skin and the occasion allows for it, 
then the sheer look can really work to your advantage. 

For me, it allows me to reveal a tiny hint of skin without showing too much. 
I also enjoy wearing something delicate like a flowery bra or panties too. 

Just make sure your assets  are well-covered!

Store: J U M O
Designer: June.Monteiro (jumofashion)
Product: Maya Gown
Collection: Wild Spring
Release: May 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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