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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Swank Event April's City of Angels Theme Introduces the LUXE Paris HEAVENLY Ballgown - Where Romanticism Meets Heavenly Magic

Today, much of our leisure time is absorbed in the world of Snapchat, 
Instagram stories and other forms of social media. 

With everything going on with Facebook, it's refreshing to come into Second Life 
to just play, love and create in a world so fun and personally gratifying. 

When it comes to design, this Luxe Paris HEAVENLY Gown 
represents the absolute in elegant formal gowns. 

With or without the wings, it is a very majestic silhouette. 

This full-length gown is reminiscent of the classical past with its 
balloon sleeve off shoulder design, exquisite single-stem floral embroidery, beautiful 
empire waistline styling and luxuriant full ballgown fluted muted floral skirting.

Honoring a woman’s graceful nature, this timeless LUXE Paris HEAVENLY Ballgown 
is both romantic and magic at once. I'd like to call it, "Romagic."

Wearing this ballgown is reminiscent of the wonderful fairytales of timeless 
sweet elegance and enduring love come true. 

Although classic in appearance, there's something refreshing about this gown-type 
which requires less attention to accessorize than many others. 

It's an ensemble that's innately feminine, stylish and proper. 

This ballgown also possesses just enough personal styling opportunities 
such as your cosmetics, hair, earrings & necklace to capture the perfect look.

That said, it's time to change your mindset on what to wear formally - 
For the true magic of this gown embraces your inner beauty and rekindles 
that magical kingdom allure which we all cherished growing up as children.

Store: LUXE Paris Fashion
Designers: Paris Skytower & Mika Palmyra
Product: Heavenly Gown
Collection: City of Angels
Release: April 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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