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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Swank Events March "Hollywood Glamour" Theme Features Pink Magic's Backdrop Hollywood - How to Enhance Your "Big Fashion Thing" (BFT)

When the glamorous Stars of the Hollywood movie industry step out of
their limousines and make their way into the Academy Awards Oscar event 
it is known in the fashion world as the "Big Fashion Thing" (BFT).

This famous and much-hyped red carpet BFT is the pregame show which
depicts physically fit and insanely attractive A-List celebrities flaunting
their fabulous hairstyles, ball gowns, and beautiful makeup. 

This red carpet show is a guide to the latest Hollywood fashion styles - 
all choreographed with great lighting, fanfare and romantic shuffling.

LUXE Paris N2U2 Mini Dress in Red

But for all the star quality brought to the red carpet by the likes of Ciara, 
Rita Ora and Kendall Jenner, today's Hollywood pales by comparison to the 
enduring icons of the Golden Age. Actresses such as Vivien Leigh and 
Olivia de Havilland showed the A-Listers how it should be done.

Looking back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, the early red carpets
were laid down as a way to guide the stars into a movie house or theater. 

This display by Pink Magic called "Backdrop Hollywood," captures the essence of 
a Hollywood Red Carpet Event with its red, black and gold glimmering 
Deco backdrop flanked by searchlights and potted palm trees.

In as much as I love the fashion statements that I see on Oscar Night, 
I believe that the Hollywood Entertainment Industry has veered away 
from the magic of Hollywood by being distracted by its politics

NO!  This is NOT my Limo! LOL

It is no wonder why the Academy Award Night's ratings have fallen significantly. 

I look forward to the Academy focusing back on the beauty, glamour and sophistication 
that it once represented - rather than obscured by bias and reduced from BFT to no BFD.

Store: Pink Magic
Designer: ƤĮŇЌĮ ÇƦÝƧƬÀɭ (pinki.crystal)
Product: Backdrop Hollywood
Collection: Hollywood Glamour
Release: March 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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