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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Swank Events August Goes Retro Introducing the Prism Yvettte Harem Romper - A Look Back at Hollywood's Elegance During Its Golden Age

Before I review this retro Prism Yvette Harem Romper, I first want to look back in history to 
a time that I believe influenced this casual chic interpretation of Art Moderne. 

This is a splendid design, and as such deserves a rewind back to its evolutionary origins. 

Actress Carole Lombard circa 1930
Hollywood’s Golden Age began in the 1930s. Although the movie industry 
was already considered an old trade, the marketing of movies was largely based 
on the fashions that would be worn by the stars that appeared in them. 

It was a time when the music of Jazz and the Big Band became popular. 

It was also a time of economic depression.

Toby Wing and Jackie Coogan - 1930s fashion - slack
Many people sought to escape the burdens of this time at the cinema, 
where economic uncertainties gave way to Hollywood’s glamour. 

As a result, the fashion industry underwent many changes during the 1930s. 
 Hollywood glamour became the opiate for much of the world’s economic woes. 
 It truly became a source of escape during troubling times.

Lana Turner wearing a Turban

Back then, it was the women who decided what movies a couple would see. 
Women actresses like Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, 
Claudette Colbert, and Carole Lombard dominated the screen.

Actress Joan Crawford Featured in Silver Screen Magazine

The motion picture studios strategically campaigned to attract women to their 
new releases by placing fashion images of these stars premiering 
in these upcoming movies in both magazines and newspapers.

To accomplish this, Samuel Goldwyn went to France and the Haute Couture and 
hired Coco Chanel. By going directly to Paris, his aim was to achieve both publicity 
and to avert the societal dogmas associated with hemlines and styles.

For this marketing strategy to work, the stars’ costumes would have to evoke glamorous fashions. For that to work, the studios hired the best designers they could find. 

As a result, the costume designers in Hollywood not only designed for the look of glamour, 
but also the simple-yet-elegant styles that women sought in the mainstream. 

During Hollywood’s Golden Age, American woman looked to movies for their 
fashion cues, and women across the world did so as well.

Ready to wear clothing like the romper and jumpsuit became popular, because they 
could be mass produced for far less than custom made-to-order garments.  As a result, 
this revolution of ready-to-wear clothing powered the buy at home catalog market.

During this period, Streamline Moderne (or Art Moderne) 
became popular and had a strong influence on fashion. 

I believe that this retro Prism Yvette Harem Romper is a 
splendid casual chic interpretation of Streamline Moderne. This romper 
comes in Black (as modeled), Champagne and Royal Purple. It also comes 
with coined silver sash belt with onyx gemstone in both round and oval shapes.

I absolutely love this chic look. I added the Turban, gloves and strappy heels to enchant the look of this very elegant romper. I also paired it with black gem onyx and diamond pendant earrings and necklace to complement the romper’s silver chained & coined belt.

Store: Prism Designs
Designer: JEZZIXA Cazalet
Product: Prism Yvette Harem Romper
Collection: Retro Mania
Release: August 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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