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Monday, June 8, 2015

Unique's Ascot Floral Purple Mini Dress - Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Are you readying up for race day? 
Then ladies of Ascot and Aintree listen up... 
The Royal Ascot is here. 

As many British women may know, it is a vital time on the social circuit for those who 
love a fancy pony and those, mainly ladies, who love parading about like one. 

So, I ask you what woman doesn't enjoy wearing a nice oufit and a face full of warpaint? 
That said, put your staunch feminism aside and totter along nicely wearing this marvelous 

Unique BoutiQue Ascot Floral Purple Mini Dress. 

(And Pussycat… I love the hat!)

Derby dressing is fun, especially if you go all out and wear something 
that aspires to the level of absolute cuteness. 

That is exactly what this UniQue BoutiQue Ascot Floral Mini Dress delivers with 
its flirtatious short length and wonderful floral-banded floppy hat. 

This pitch-perfect purple mini dress with its brilliant floral print and 
sheer slip teams up with my coordinated jewelry, wedge complementing sandals 
and my smoky-blended eye kohl for a stunning, “look-at-me” appearance.

God speed, you glorious British women! 

In RL of course, the Ascot bigwigs have a whole new set of guidelines for female attire 
rules that apply to the parade - less flesh, no bare shoulders, no barely concealed knockers. 

Forget that absurd notion wearing that kind of frock in Second Life!
Here, you can swish your (pony)tail and flaunt your best assets
for all of the men to admire & appreciate.

Glamour is permitted, nay encouraged at The Ascot. And, there is
nothing better than putting a great spin on this pony event here in SL!

"Becky Da' Boop with Da' Scoop!"

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  1. Such an Amazingly cute and functional dress, Very sexy, I love it.