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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Swank Events "50 Shades of Red" Premiers Ghostyss Rebecca Dress with Letituier's Irina Hair- Wearing What Your Secret Desires Whisper in Your Ear.

"Tell me how you want to make love and I’ll tell you who you are inside."

Deep in the sensual chasms of my mind, in order for me to be true to myself and 
not hypocritical, there is no place where I feel most truly in touch with myself 
 than when I am in the arms of my lover, being held, kissed and caressed.

Acquiring this Rebecca Red Dress from Swank Events New Gala Showroom and 
then adorning it, I immediately became allured and captured by its 
sensuous bodycon fit and glamous appearance. 

This sexy red mini transcends your mind to those far away places 
where seduction overwhelms your sensibilities and your ability to resist.

Then I noticed Letituier's Irina Hair - Exquisite and innovative, this
High Pony Avant-Garde hairstyle is the perfect choice for my daring fetish adventures.

Here in Second Life, it is my fervent belief that, who we are deep down inside 
is often defined by our libidos. After all, we are all sexual creatures. 

This world permits sexual expression in a much more open and provocative way. 
It is also not so much about how we make love here, but rather by the way
 we want to be perceived, desired and ultimately enjoyed. 

Therefore, our curious and sometimes antagonistic relationships 
allows us to openly explore our fetish intimacies. 

Our sensuality defines us. In the fetish world, sex is 
our communion through intimacy. 

Orgasm is le petite mort – a no-mind state of being
by which our conscious shuts down and our inner self takes control. 

Our deepest, secret selves are revealed by what goes on between our ears, sexually
 emoting & roleplaying to a world where nobody else can see us beyond the screen.

As I model through this fantasy Second Life World, I come across many 
different cultures and lifestyles here. It has most recently taken me to the 
Mature Fetish (M/F) Lounge.  Its main focus is on providing a receptive 
and forward thinking environment for these expressive kinks within all of us. 

It is an adult lounge and not for the faint-hearted.
 It caters to a select group of glamorous people who enjoy mature, 
sensual fetish in an ambient aesthetic called “New Industrial Chic.” 

For adults with fetish kink, glamour & chic rule the night in hues of blues 
and somber darkened tones. It is a place where we make our fantasies come true.

The art of seduction here is alive and pursued at M/F with sensuality, wile and cunning.  

Light to dark, day to night, opposite ends along the same 
path, being pulled towards each other. 

Primal instincts become enticed by the kink 
and mystique of this New Industrial Chic environment. 

The music here is rhythmic and lulling, enhancing my senses and desires.  

As I dance, my body melds into the arms of my lover; my mind held 
captive within the walls of this incredible erotic, surreal sexual landscape.

Stores:   Ghostyss & Letituier's 
Designers: Kryss Ghost & Nayomi Gartner (respectively)
Producs: Rebecca Red Dress &  Irina Hair
Collection: 50 Shades of Red
Release: February 2018

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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