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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Swank Event Halloween Haunt & Ride Premieres Selene Creations Morticia Black Dress - The Perfect Mind-Haunting Dress for Gomez to Ravage You

When I see the name "Morticia" during the Halloween Season, 
I immediately think of Morticia in the Addams Family played 
by Anjelica Huston and the dark side of her glamour. 

Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley
and Thing originally appeared on Televison in the 1960's. 
The Addams Family movie brought the pale gang to the cinema. 

MC Hammer even wrote an Award-Winning Song for the Movie

Morticia's character was all about deadly perfection - from her long black hair 
to her hemlock poison lips down to her sensuous, black Gothic dresses. 
Her nails were always immaculate, and her skin was kissed 
with an unearthly pallor radiant glow.

Morticia Addams also brought something languorously sexy to the television role she played. 
As a small child, it was something that I could clearly see but not quite yet understand. 
It was not until my late teens that I recognized it as Morticia’s stunning sensuality.

I once dressed the part of Morticia Addams for Halloween. The store-bought 
Morticia dresses could never come close to reaching the perfection of her looks. 

That said, my mother and I created my dress for Halloween. I also remember 
how much fun it was to perfect the makeup and to wear the long black wig.

Selene Creations Morticia dress is a funeral black with deadly yet sensual flair. 
The dress features a black laced and ruffled bandeau bodice top with the sternum 
revealed yet with not much cleavage shown. 

It has a sexy sheer midsection which bands in a gothic repetitive pattern around the waist 
of its sheer mini skirt with silhouettes of dead tree-trunk pattern embroidery. 

It comes with very sexy string panties and black strapped open-toe 
high knee boots for your favorite Halloween haunt.

With this fabulous Selene Creations Morticia Black Dress you just might consider getting a Lurch of your very own to run all of your errands for you so that you can just 
swan around SL dressed just like this! 

I’m thinking YES, ABSOLUTELY!

Store: Selene Creations
Designer: Selene Morgan (drachlilith)
Product: Morticia Black Dress
Collection: Haunted House & Ride
Release: October 2017
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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