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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Coming in Hot to Swank Events for June: Introducing the Luxe Paris Dark Beauty Gown

Are you the type of person that stands half an hour in front 
of your wardrobe trying to decide just what to wear to look 
your very best in your friend circle? 

If so, that definitely makes you a fashionista. And, if you 
are anything like me, you love to change the look of your outfits, experimenting with the fashion cult. 

The fashion world is forever evolving here in Second Life. 
What is fashionable today maybe out in the next month. 

That said, to look your best you must always go hand in 
hand with what is in vogue. That is why 
I love the stunning collections from Luxe Paris. 

If you are every bit of a fashion bug like me and love 
to look like a Diva when going out, then this 
Luxe Paris Dark Beauty Gown is your number.

Coming in hot, this gown is designed with a sexy 
gathered strapless neckline with an illusion cut out side. 

I absolutely love its colorfully patterned strap insets and the way it cleverly 
gathers the dress at its midriff. Its small pleated sweep style train will 
follow behind your every step giving you a long and lean physique.

Its colorful little side cut out, fascinator and flowing skirt
all complement the beauty of this ensemble.

Simple and sweet is what you get when you wear this 
Luxe Paris Dark Beauty Gown. 

Store: Luxe Paris Fashion
Designers: Paris Skytower & Mika Palmyra
Product: Dark Beauty Gown
Collection: Dark Romance
Release: June 2017

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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