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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(BYRNE) Widel Winter Gown & Scarf EXCLUSIVE for SWANK Event December: an elegant gown which is unique, distinctive and spectacular.

When I shop for a gown, I look for one that has 
a modern design and feel about it.

It has to fit my body type appropriately. It must fit well, 
and the color must complement my skin tone and hair.

I have gone back and forth on my neckline choices over the years, especially in rl where I want to look sexy but not altogether flashy. 

Let’s look at this gown’s plunging neckline for example: 

The plunging neckline first started as a celebrity 
red carpet look, but has since worked its way 
as a formal fashion statement both in RL and SL. 

When paired with its flowing scarf and gorgeous earrings, 
this ensemble possesses both an elegant & seductive look. 

That is how this BYRNE Widel Winter Gown in Rose speaks to me.

This gown breaks away from tradition with a little extra skin,
sensuously showing off my décolletage and back with a sexy look.

The sheer silk fabric look of this gown works harmoniously well together with the gown’s flowing appearance to create an elegant and sophisticated gown that is unique, distinctive and spectacular.

What makes this BYRNE Widel Winter Gown so special is its attention to detail,  spectacular styling and the careful texture patterning, all which will make you feel like a princess wearing it.

Store: Byrne Fashion
Designer: B Y R N E  (byrnedarkly.cazalet) 
Product: Widel Winter Gown & Scarf  
Collection: Winter 2016
Release: December
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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