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Sunday, October 9, 2016

SWANK Events October Premiers POSH Pixels Miami Tank Top & Pants Outfit

Wearing this enticing POSH PIXELS Miami Tank Top & Pants 
outfit makes me feel free and very attractive. 

Have you ever wondered how the tank top got its name?

Well, in the 1920′s women were required to dress more 
conservatively when taking a dip in the "swimming tank," 
which is now more commonly know as the "swimming pool." 

These bathing suits were once referred to as "tank suits."
Straps were a requirement for this type of fashion swim wear. 

The similarity between tank suits and tank tops 
helped coin the "tank top" name.

Fast forward to today's SL fashion world to see
just how far the tank top has evolved.

The beautiful floral fall patterning of the
open front midriff tank and solid pleated
bell pants welcomes the season of abundance. 

It is one of those must-have SL wardrobe closet essentials 
that delivers a relaxed, chic and sexy look.

This outfit also comes with a color changing HUD which 
gives you six different color themes in subdued hues.

By design, its skinny straps support a draped, open 
midsection bodice. Just the right touch of  
jeweled embroidery elegantly adorns its neckline. 

It also comes with complementing earrings & necklace.

In general, there is much more to our clothing choices in life 
than we might imagine. For some, what they wear is 
merely a matter of habit, but for many it may pay dividends 
in how they feel about themselves and relate to others. 

Our clothes says a great deal about who we are and can also signal what we  believe are socially important things to those around us. 

Your choices in clothing often reveal what is really going on internally. Your thoughts and feelings are laid bare in your wardrobe closet.

Case in point is this POSH PIXELS Miami Tank Top & Pants outfit.

Although the look is quite de rigueur these days, I have to 
admit that baring my tummy wearing this top makes me feel more intimate than going panty-less at times. 

So ladies, if you enjoy your freedom, immerse yourself this fall in this casual POSH Pixel Miami Tank & Pants Outfit. You will love it!

Designer: ραм ℵιgнтѕнαđσω ღ (vampirepam)
Product: Miami Tank Top & Pants Outfit 
Collection: Fall 2016
Release: October
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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