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Saturday, June 11, 2016

GLITCH Flo Mini Dress Premiers @ SWANK Events June

The use of red, white and black in Fashion today recalls an 
old school glamour. The perfection of the high contrast look mixing red, white and black is difficult to put 
into words but we know chic when we see it.

Fashion is a mirror of history. The last time this color combination of red, white and black was chic was back in the 80s, when it became an Yves Saint Laurent signature. 

In those days, white, black and red was avant garde and daring. It mixed the exotic with power-dressing, 
cultural capital and optimism. 

This Glitch Flo Mini Dress is reminiscent of this YSL era. 

This dress is killer chic. 

Fashion at this level makes a statement – regardless if it 
is one of conformity or rebellion. Believe it or not, it also 
helps define and shape SL popular culture.

Fashionistas like myself can use this meaning as a shorthand for something much deeper and as a cultural trend setter. Virtually all cultural trends have a fashion component; one cannot adopt a role without looking the part. 

Whether it's this pair of fetishistic red boots I am modeling,
or the chicly red, black and white Bauhaus inspired
colors used in this Glitch Flo Mini Dress, fashion is
both a predecessor of what has taken place in larger
society, and a predictor of the future.

This Glitch Flo Mini Dress exemplifies the YSL signature
with retro flair. With its ruffled white asymmetrical high low hem, stellar patterning and gorgeous silhouette,
this dress oozes with sophistication & perfection.

Store: Glitch
Designer: ƝίηaQ (n1naq)
Product: Flo Mini Dress
Collection: Spring Summer 2016
Release: June 02 

Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

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