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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Zaara Kavita Tunic: Definitely One Sheer Look That is Taking Center Stage

Everywhere you look, the sheer look is taking center stage. 

From see-through tee shirts to maxi skirts with short slips, 
the sheer trend is hotter than ever.

So, if you like the sheer fashion statement, then you will 
absolutely adore this Zaara Kavita Tunic. 

Zaara Kavita Black Floral Sheer Tunic with Chanchal Lingerie *Ruby* Maitreya appliers 
I just bet that you are thinking "where is the lining?" or "how does 
this match my skin without throwing off the sexiness?” 

Well, you're not alone. 

Many people are intimidated by sheer wardrobes because they
feel like they show off too much skin or are too difficult to wear. 

So, here's what to do: 

First off, part of the fun with sheer is that it 
shows off some skin with sexy suggestion! 

That said, play up the silhouette of this tunic, by wearing 
a bra or camisole free of details either in the solid color 
or a color close to your skin tone.

The fact is that there are many different options to choose from 
and so many different chic ways to wear this tunic.  

Zaara also includes both solid and sheer versions with this 
Kavita Tunic purchase to give you even more choices.

Zaara Kavita Ebony Sheer Tunic with Chanchal Lingerie *Ruby* Maitreya appliers

If seduction is your aim, Voila! Make your man drool looking 
your sexiest wearing this tunic over lingerie.

Above, I am wearing the Kavita Ebony Sheer Tunic over the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body with the Chanchal Lingerie *Ruby* Maitreya appliers.

If you want to go out and about, you might dare going bold 
by wearing the sheer tunic over a simple solid bra or a tank top to conceal your goods with subtle hints of visible skin.

If you're on the fair side of the spectrum, try wearing 
either a cream or white tank top underneath it. 

In the summer you can also wear this tunic 
over one of your favorite bathing suits

This is such a fun piece to add to your wardrobe collection. 

I just love it! 
Zaara Kavita Floral Beige Tunic with Aksaka lingerie *nude*  Maitreya appliers
It is such a versatile and modern piece. 
You are certain to catch all the looks. =)

Store: Zaara 
A blend of  Indian craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. 
Designer: Zaara Kohime  
Product: Kavita Tunic 

{Zaara} MAINSTORE, Zaara  (136, 132, 25)

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