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Sunday, January 25, 2015

UniQue BoutiQue's Sparkling Heart Gown in Red - Pulling Out All the Stops

It's tough to beat the glamorous style of this floor-length 
UniQue BoutiQue Sparkling Heart in Red evening gown! 

Its unique over the shoulder strap is sure to reel you in, and you`ll 
love the bold deep slit plunge of its modified sultry bodice. 

This sequined dress shimmers and shines from top to bottom, 
and it`s bold red coloring is sure to get you noticed.

Fantastic and fancy, this brilliant evening dress from UniQue BoutiQue by Pussycat Pike is a picture perfect look for any formal event. 

The stunning playful drape off the hip creates a daring 
and fashionable illusion style from the waist. 

Most women love formal wear; and especially in Second Life 
where it’s SO fun of an opportunity to play dress up. 

Just think about it, you can wear more makeup, more jewelry, 
and clothes that sparkle like this gorgeous gown! 

(Besides that, you don’t have to remove your
 makeup before you hit the pillow either, Ha!) 

This dress is special and designed for that very special occasion where you want to look your best, show off a bit, and be your glamorous self.

Wearing this UniQue BoutiQue Sparkling Heart in Red provides you 
with the opportunity to pull out all the stops and put your most fashionable foot forward. 

Give yourself the time to find the right jewelry, shoes, bag and hairstyle for this wonderful gown. You won’t be disappointed.

"Becky Da' Boop with Da' Scoop!"

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  1. Lovely, sexy and classy Red dress, really love this.