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Friday, July 6, 2018

Swank's Tropical Heat Theme Event Premiers the JUMO Fashion Marina Gown - Marine Biologist Meets Fashion Blogger

The Jumo Marina Gown - Marine biologist meets fashion blogger 
with equal parts of love for nature, vintage fashion, and coffee.

The evening gown is one of my favorites. It is also a classic dress which 
is intricately linked to the fashion trends of our time. 

That said, the unique sea life characteristics of this Jumo Marina Gown 
distinguishes it from all others as a timeless classic.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a love affair with Fashion and the Sea. 
Perhaps it was Disney’s Arial wardrobe in the "Little Mermaid" which first 
influenced me.  Whatever it was, this Jumo Marina Gown makes me swoon. 

Given my love of the ocean, it was no great surprise that the minute 
I spotted this Jumo Marina Gown, I could not wait to wear it

What makes this Jumo Marina Gown fresh and relevant is its
creative & aesthetic use of details - including sequins, prints and cutouts. 
With it's HUD you have 25 different color and pattern combinations to choose from. 

This Jumo Marina Gown borrows from nature’s sea life with its rich and beautiful 
textural uses of corals, sea stars and underwater peekaboo floral cutout patterns. 

I love the sleeveless vintage cowl neckline. This gown also has a 
crystal-like sparkle about it - like treasures from the deep, with its long-flowing 
mermaid skirt shimmering like sunlight on the waves, encouraging my fantasies 
with Disney fairytale-like tendencies.

The glamorous fit-and-flare of its mermaid silhouette amplifies my curves for a 
sultry yet playful look. The gown's distinctive feature is undoubtedly the 
fluted hem and fitted bodice. (Like the body and tail of a mermaid, of course.) 

It’s elongated bodice hugs my body down through the hips then its skirt flares 
out subtly just below the knees to the floor, with a contoured look that accentuates
my slender hourglass shape - defining my sexuality, desirability & femininity.

Store: J U M O  Fashion
Designer: June.Monteiro (jumofashion)
Product: Marina Gown
Collection: Tropical Island Heat
Release: July 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Via Fulô Introduces the Alice Bikini at Swank Events July Tropical Heat Theme. It Cannot Get Much Hotter Than This!

As a born-and-raised Cali beach girl, one of my favorite things to wear 
is a seriously adorable itsy bitsy bikini. Short of breaking public decency 
laws, these little pieces are definitely sexy and attention grabbing. 

That said, this two-piece Alice bikini collection by Via Fulo will ensure 
that all eyes are on you and for all the right reasons. 

Renowned for their risqué styles, Via Fulo premiers this fabulous 
ruffled top and high-cut bottom beachwear collection at 
Swank’s July Tropical Island Heat Theme Event.

This evocative, signature bikini silhouette collection 
is beautiful, playful and sexy all at once. 

Although this stunning bikini might be considered a vehicle of revelation 
for showing off your figure, it also delivers oh so much more. 

This bikini is the perfect killer swimsuit to strut along the SL beaches & poolsides.

Remember that your beauty is power. Recognizing this power provides  
you with the confidence and understanding that this bikini is your sword. 

So, in the event that you're not quite ready to do some serious 
booty-flaunting this Summer, please discontinue reading this blog. 

There's no doubt that this swimsuit (with its strapless ruffled butterfly bandeau top 
and deep-V cut bottoms) will certainly add personality & sass to your strut. 

The style is super-flattering. Not only does the top accentuate your some of your best assets, the high cut bottoms rise high on your hips, giving the illusion of longer legs. 

In celebration of summer this Alice bikini definitely provides excitement, 
while ubiquitously leaving your best kept secrets unexposed. 

This Via Fulo Alice Bikini comes with a HUD-Driven menu -giving you 10 
color choices for fashion-forward swimwear fun all year round.

Store: Via Fulô
Designer: mandinhas201
Products: Alice Bikini 
Collection: Tropical Island Heat
Release: July 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Swank Events Tropical Island Heat Theme Introduces WILD Fashion & Beauty's Island Heat Dress - A Dress that Spells Summer Fun!

This Wild Fashion & Beauty Tropical Heat Dress is a celebration of 
and a tribute to the legacy of the transnational Polynesian culture. 

 It is informal, environmentally aware, and multi-cultural.

The original fabrics that inspired today's tropical print dresses were 
the floral kimono fabrics of Japan and vibrantly hued silks from China. 

When the first Polynesians stepped ashore on the Hawaiian Islands, they brought 
the skill set of using raw plant materials to make the skirts and shawls. 

As time progressed, the Hawaiians developed and produced very 
different types of cloth in a wonderful variety of patterns and colors.  
These exotic colors and patterns grew in popularity among 
Westerners when they hit the Honolulu tourist scene in the 1930s.

The popularity of these colorful designs has since created a fashion craze. 
More and more women's clothing has tended to feature floral designs:  
ginger blossoms, plumeria, hibiscus, orchids and birds-of-paradise. 

This Wild Tropical Island Heat Dress embraces these beautiful patterns & colors.  
Its playful design and use of cheerful tropical floral print patterns is certain
to be a perennial favorite this summer in Second Life.

The visual iconography of the multi-ethnic community is vibrantly, 
boldly and richly expressed in this stunning Tropical Heat Dress.

This Dress comes with 15 HUD driven textures to choose from. 
The color flavors found in tropical foliage of the Wild Tropical Heat Dress HUD 
includes neutrals mixed with wonderful shades of greens and blues as
well as warm colors - such as corals, reds, purples, russets, oranges and yellows. 

Nicely done, Wildrose!

Store: Wild Fashion & Beauty
Designer: Nice Wildrose
Products: Tropical Heat Dress 
Collection: Tropical Island Heat
Release: July 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Swank's July Tropical Island Heat Event Premiers the AnaSTyle Sammy Bikini - An itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka-dot bikini with a dare-to-bare nature.

To quote the French fashion historian Olivier Saillard, “The emancipation 
of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women.” 

The bikini is without a doubt the most popular type of women’s 
beachwear in the world today due to the emancipation and 
power of women - not the power of fashion. 

The invention of the bikini is probably the most significant, enjoyment-giving 
creations of the 20th century. It is the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Before you gasp over my scantily-clad tush, let’s remember that the 
chronicles of the bikini dates back now almost 70 years. 

We’ve all seen the sun-kissed posteriors of every single Kardashian sister, 
so it is only fitting to get one of these curve-accentuating little pieces of 
string and triangular patches and take those Flickr selfie poses (with our 
backs arched and booties to cam) that shows off our best assets. 

This Brazilian-inspired AnaSTyle Sammy itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka-dot bikini is 
not complex nor does its geometry take a rocket scientist to understand its physics. 

It does however rival others as probably one of the more risqué & stunning 
pieces of beachwear here in Second Life. Unlike most other bikinis here, 
this little number shocks the world with its ever-more dare-to-bare nature. 

That said, if you are looking to be the center of attention on the beach 
or poolside, this sexy AnaSTyle Sammy Bikini will drop many jaws with 
its scintillating pieces of woven tiny little triangle cups, floss-size 
halter straps, side-tie closures and its cute little butt-revealing bottoms. 

This AnaSTyle Sammy Bikini delivers an “Ooh La La” breath-taking & revealing look. 
So, if you want to be different, just cast blame on the tropical heat and then go 
pick up a few of these little triangulated gems over at Swank Events July. 

It comes in Light Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Cream, Green and Black.

Store: AnaSTyle
Designer: ßƖМßƛ MƠИЄԼԼƛ (anastacia.azalee)
Product: Sammy Bikini 
Collection: Tropical Island Heat
Release: July 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Swank Events July Tropical Island Heat Premieres the LUXE PARIS Sundrenched Dress - Letting the Sun Wash Over Your Beauty.

It's no secret that women love flowers - for floral printed fabrics have been 
fashionable item for hundreds of years. Flowers are symbolic of femininity 
and life, for they reveal the beauty of our biophilic world. 

This Luxe Paris Sundrenched Dress, with its vibrant floral patterning,
puts an exclamation point on our love affair with nature!

Biophilia is the love of life and the living world. It is our affinity as 
human beings for other life forms. In architecture for example, it is used 
to enhance people's health and sense of well being. 

Fashion, like architecture, embraces the same spirit of creativity by 
borrowing the fractal patterns and beautiful chaotic 
equations derived from nature, to nurture our biophilic needs.

The dual towers of the Bosco Verticale apartment complex in Milan is one
 such fine example. It features staggered terraces with approximately 800 trees - 
enough to landscape a 3-acre forest. This project won Europe’s 
International Highrise Award in 2014 for most innovative building.

James Tissot Painting - Young Ladies Looking at Japanese Objects

Historically, the floral print originated from the east and Asia. 
Traders imported fabrics with ornate floral designs to the 
western world where they sold for very high prices. 

Jacques Doucet, Evening Dress with Japanese Floral Design, circa 1897.
To wear such floral fabric then was truly a status symbol. As fabrics evolved, 
especially those created later in the Art Nouveau style, designers introduced 
stylized and modern floral motifs inspired by these Asian influences. 

Now that the Summer has arrived, let the sun wash over you in this gorgeous 
Luxe Paris Sundrenched Dress. This floral paneled elegant dress is just SO cute! 

Having this Luxe Paris Sundrenched Dress, your wardrobe comes into full bloom - 
pollinated by a paneled floral print sewn into its very figure-flattering silhouette. 

I absolutely love how these matching front and back colorful floral panels
sharply contrast to the silhouettes black base - lending it crisp styling. 

The design and slim fit of this dress makes it perfect for casual spring/summer events. Its off shoulder neckline helps to define the feeling and overall sophisticated tone of this stunning number which perfectly frames the face while minimizing the bustline.

You will go from zero to chic in an instant adorning this dress. 
Just wait for the compliments to roll. Du vert, des fleurs, des plantes!

Store: LUXE PARIS Fashion
Designers: Mika Palmyra & Paris Skytower
Products: Sundrenched Dress
Collection: Tropical Island Heat
Release: July 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Swank Events June Monochromatic Theme Introduces Flowerdreams Essy Gown & Roxy Makeup Sets - Perfecting Your look with Luxurious Class and Sophistication.

One of the hottest trends this season are sequins and sparkle. 
From wedding invites to that special formal evening out embraced in 
total elegance, this Flowerdreams Essy Gown makes you shine in high fashion.

Yet another masterpiece from creative genius Nile Karas of Flowerdreams, 
this swoon worthy, sophisticated and totally eye-catching floor length 
paillette-sequined gown is truly heaven sent. 

The origins of the word sequin can be found in both the Arabic word sikka 
and the Italian zecchino, both of which translate to the word “coin.” 

The history of using coins to decorate garments has long been linked 
to the wearer's wealth. Egyptians had used an early form 
of the sequin to enliven the clothing of their monarch.

Since then, the use of the sequin has manifested itself in a number 
of different ways, spanning myriad fashion genres. 

From practical to decorative, with sequined 1920s old Hollywood flappers 
inspired by King Tutankhamun through the 1970s disco era to its stunning 
embellishments on today’s runways, the sequin makes a glimmering 
fashion statement of spectacular and richly bold styling.

Delivering all the glitz & glamour of old Hollywood in this sleek, figure fitting gown, 
the Flowerdreams Essy Gown sparkles with luxurious class and sophistication.

This Flowerdreams Esssy Gown comes in black, amethyst and sapphire colors. 

Make sure you complete and perfect your look with Flowerdreams Roxy Makeup Sets. 

These sets come in Rose Silver, Violet or Red hues – each one providing you 
with coordinated lipstick, eye shadow and lashes with diamond dust looks.

Store: Flowerdreams
Designer: Nile Karas
Products: Essy Gown & Roxy Makeup 
Collection: Monochromatics 
Release: June 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)