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Friday, October 12, 2018

SWANK Events October '18 Introduces Selene Creations' Hecate Dress - Get his body racing and he'll want to be stripping this dress off of you in no time!

 From the Daddy’s playtoy to the masterful Dom, this 
Selene Creations Hecate Dress 
symbolizes the look and personality of ownership. 

For many, the thought of being tied up, whipped, gagged, chained, flogged, 
and “forced” to have sex, can be very exciting.

It can erotic and very sensual, making you ready to throw 
caution to the wind and go all out. 

As a submissive, the core pillars are obedience, discipline and 
submission through the consensual sexual exchanges that 
takes place under the BDSM umbrella with your Master. 

This Selene Creations Hecate Dress is a great way to really get 
into your submissive role play with your Master.

This Outfit comes with a HUD which gives you 8 different 
color options for both the dress and its ruffles.

This outfit with its’ sexy and seductive boned corset sweetheart design, 
banded stainless steel boning, ruffled front short hem and long draped back 
skirting speaks provocatively to the Dom/sub relationship. 

Get his body racing for yours and he'll want to be stripping this dress off of you in no time! 

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, adding the collar also holds much 
more meaning than just being a piece of jewelry – for it signifies 
title, ownership, control, and even devotion.

Add sexy high black leather boots to this fetish wet dream 
and you will have him all over you.

Store: Selene Creations
Designer: Selene Morgan (drachlilith)
Product: Hecate Dress
Release: October 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

SWANK Events October '18 Debuts the ViP Creations Black Rose Gown - Bringing Out the Very Style-Savvy Socialite within You.

One of the most important parts of fashion design is fashion 
draping to create the structure of a gown. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of the drape dress. They are very striking - and when 
the drapes are in all the right places, they complement your elegance and poise.

A study in proportions, this flounce-heavy ViP Creations Black Rose Gown 
features exaggerated architectural ruffles and bustles. These combined 
features are  impeccably placed for a striking visual impact. 

This impact is further heightened by the silver contrasting 
embroidery against its gorgeous black satin fabric appearance.

This design is a combination of fun, sophistication, and fashion-forward.

This elegant evening gown’s silhouette features a sweetheart strapless 
neckline, wrapped bodice, and silver-embellished baroque embroidery.

Everything about this ViP Creations Black Rose Gown is polished and well 
put-together. Simply add some smoky eye and sexy red lipstick to amp it up.

Dive deep into high glamour adorning this ViP Creations Black Rose Gown. 
Every detail about this gown is absolutely sumptuous.

Its’ rich black satin sculpted silhouette and the luxe feel
about its frothy ruffles will undoubtedly make you 
feel every inch of being a very style-savvy socialite.

With its' vogue tulle veil hat and black rose necklace, every angle
of this gown looks both perfect and unique.

It also possesses & conveys a subtle antebellum element - 
one that Scarlet O’Hara would most likely nod with approval.

***Photographed on Location at the fabulous Atlas Steam and Sensuality Venue***

Store: ViP Creations
Designer: bee Tizzy
Product: Black Rose Gown
Release: October 2018
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Monday, October 8, 2018

SWANK Events October '18 Premiers the Avada Kelin Earring Set - Delivering Both Elegance & Artistry to Your High Fashion Conscious Standards.

Redefining glamour and elegance, Avada introduces this beautiful Kelin Earring Set

In fine art, the term Baroque is derived from the Portuguese word 'barocco' 
(meaning 'irregular pearl or stone'). 

The Baroque Period inspired many beautifully ornate designs during the 17th century. 

The use of arabesque motifs, symmetry and different types of gemstone settings 
impelled these changes to transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque period.

It was a natural evolution and progression of styles which connected
the these two decorative period.

This sumptuous Avada Kelin Earring Set is reminiscent of the baroquely 
scrolled iron gates from the opulent estates and secret gardens of the past.

The graceful swirls and rich gemstones in this Kelin Earring Set distinguishes 
them from all others here in Second Life - bringing both elegance 
and artistry to your fashion conscious needs and high standards.

The included HUD allows you to change the metalwork with four different 
color options in addition to six unique rich gemstone colors choices.  

Store: AVADA Beauty
Designer: Stephanie (stephanie.fishnet)
Product: Kelin Earring Set
Release: October 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

SWANK Events October Introduces the DE Boutique Hypnose Print Gown - A Daring and Very Deliberate Gown with Clarity and Conciseness

Today’s formal fashion gowns are evolving with new and exciting trendsetting directions. 

I have conservative values when it comes to what I wear at formal gatherings. 
 I also believe that my tastes are very much in tune with the modern 
fashion movement occurring here in Second Life. 

Traditions, cultures, trends and demands always have given way to change.  
This is particularly true about high fashion and today's progressive movement.

From the ancient period to present times, the neckline has been an 
important part for every dress. 

It is directly related to its' silhouette and the inherent beauties within the dress. 

As we know, more progressive designs are being introduced which 
show off more skin - like this beautiful DE Boutique Hypnose Gown. 

The particular type of plunge bodice on this dress is a little different from other 
deep necklines we've seen in recent past. 

The bodice of this gown is structured, creating a streamlined V cut from the 
shoulders down to right above the bellybutton (where it's secured by a band). 

It's daring and very deliberate with clarity and conciseness -
creating an envious hourglass illusion. 

Looking a bit closer, this DE Hypnose Gown’s bodice flawlessly transitions 
elegantly to the waistline, then flows gracefully to the ankles with a front 
center high slit accent - eloquently possessing a form hugging fit 
with a look that will conquer any man’s resistance. 

This Gown has a "smooth-to-the-touch" sheen satin fabric look about it.  
Its' HUD driven menu also provides you with eight different printed patterns. 

Judging from the positive responses and compliments that I have 
received while adorning this gown, it makes a pretty compelling case 
for this new and exciting progressive trend ahead.

Store: DE Boutique

Designer: Deborah Vos (missdeborah88)
Product: Hypnose Print Gown
Release: October 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Saturday, October 6, 2018

SWANK Events October Introduces the LUXE Paris SUN WIND Turtleneck & Leather Pants Outfit - Making for the Perfect Utopian Mix

Leather pants will always be on trend - for they make a woman 
look sexy & feminine.  All you need is to do is to wear them 
correctly by pairing them with the right garments. 

This LUXE Paris SUN WIND Turtleneck & Leather Pants outfit does exactly 
that - delivering a fantastic chic appearance which is rich in color 
while at once stunningly vogue, glam and edgy.

Without the typical bulky sleeve look, this playful outfit exudes an elegant 
statement, lending its' silhouette a long and graceful neck appearance.

Without a doubt the sleeveless turtleneck is one of fashion’s oddest inventions. 
By itself, the sleeveless turtleneck doesn’t make any logical sense. 

However, there’s something very extraordinary about its' impractical nature.

It is the marvelous impracticality of the sleeveless turtleneck which makes 
it such an inspirational piece of clothing to wear and stylize.

I love how the color-banding of the gloves complements those of the banding on the heels.
The sleeveless turtleneck top is perfect for a day at the office. It can also 
layer beautifully with jewelry for an evening out or even a scarf to wear 
with comfort despite the indecisive fall weather. 

I used to feel about sleeveless turtlenecks the same way that I felt 
about wedge boots – their very design being only suitably worn 
in the perfect setting that is neither hot nor cold.

Conceptually speaking, the whole idea behind wearing a turtleneck is 
to keep warm. However, a turtleneck without sleeves somewhat 
negates that purpose making it somewhat of a conundrum.

Voilà! Problem solved. Luxe Paris’ genius, by adding complementing 
gloves to this outfit, makes for the perfect utopian mix.  

Personally, I have been obsessed with turtlenecks moving into the fall. 

The true beauty about this look is in its subtle layering - Kissed by the Sun with 
its’ color coordinated banded gloves and strappy heels.

Store: LUXE Paris Fashion

Designers: Paris Skytower & Mika Palmyra

Product: LUXE Paris SUN WIND Turtleneck & Leather Pants 

Release: October 2018 
Available: Swank Event (Click Here)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Frank's Entertainment Group and My Last Tweet - The Epitome of Good Taste vs. the Enigma of a Dress Code Gone Awry

There is nothing as valuable in life as a journalist than exploring to seek and find the 
truth - and then making it comprehensible, fun and interesting for others to enjoy. 

Honest journalism is an essential part of any decent society. Fearless journalism is also a compelling part of the defense of any free society. I choose to deliver both as a journalist.

Last night I was informed by Nanceee Sinatra that I had been ejected from Frank’s Entertainment Group because of the recent editorial article (blog) I wrote about what I honestly saw as an enigma in the dress codes at Frank’s Jazz. 

A Sincere Wish for All Things Beautiful at Frank's

Nanceee claimed that I had offended the GM Lara Martian and their guests based on my alleged off tangent remarks about the ambiguity and double standards of the dress code that I have witnessed and observed.

It is well known that the dress code standards need improvement at Frank’s. This is not a new topic.

Personally speaking, I have blogged for Nanceee for several years and I have always (without exception) expressed my honesty about the many venues there. This recent article was no exception. I did not sugarcoat it – nor was it meant as vindictive in any way. 

I instead was direct and brutally honest with my critique. I do admit that my style of creative writing is alive with sarcasm of which I normally always use to make my point.

As such, I have always believed that our minds have to work harder to understand and appreciate sarcasm for it makes our brains tuned and more responsive to intelligent reasoning. 

As a form of communication, sarcasm takes on the obligation of conflict. I use it at times to enhance creative sparks to promote an idea - but I have now come to realize that it did not sit well with the FEG establishment in this case.

That being said, I hope that in the end people will have learned from this blog in a way which makes my last blog about Frank’s meaningful and productive. 

Nanceee, I love you to death and I hope this letter reaches you and summons up your compassion and understanding as to the good for which this blog was intended. 

I hope that you will also find the time to read the suggestions that I sent you last week on how to improve the dress code standards at Frank's. I believe that it would be good for business and undoubtedly raise the fashion bar at Frank's in a very positive way.  

That's me...First Witch from the Right

Lara, I hope that you grow from this experience and learn to be more accepting of knowledge - and less myopic in your views of me and my fashion articles. If I could leave you with one good sound piece of advice, it would be to never let someone's negative opinion of you become your reality.

We all learn from our mistakes which is more important than understanding our flaws. I take full responsibility for writing this. I can honestly say that I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to providing my readers with the truth. 

I put my head down on my pillow at night and sleep well knowing that my journalistic opinions are genuine and come from my heart.

It is because I write about issues to bind us in common humanity and thus help us as a society come together in better understanding. Some people do not look at my work this way unfortunately.

The constitution guarantees that free speech and the free press must remain absolute no matter what danger may arise. 

Well, being banned was the cost of such journalistic expression. That was most unfortunate and a loss for Frank's as well as myself and for those around me that know the real me.

Seeking a Higher Standard

I also know that this is their business. The world is not always a fair place to seek open-minded people who reason the same way as you. For that I am also sorry.

The First Amendment unequivocally guarantees by stating that, “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” 

This is not the standard practice apparently at Frank's.

I don't believe that there is anything wrong with leaving the past behind us and moving on with the new adventures. It is a matter of nature - for what you are today, you certainly won't be what you will become tomorrow.

So, to all of my friends, colleagues and guests at Frank's Jazz I bid you a gracious adieu.   

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Enigma of Women's Formal Fashion Trends at Frank's Jazz – Moving on vs. Moving Forward to the New Era in Chic Fashion?

Fashion, feminism and politics have always been heated enclaves.

In 1913, on the day prior to Woodrow Wilson's inauguration, approximately 
5,000 women staged a national procession, marching up Pennsylvania Avenue 
in Washington, D.C. - demanding the right to vote. In addition to banners 
and programs, the women used their clothing to communicate their message. 

For these suffragettes it was not about resistance by refusal, but instead by 
resistance through reversal. In lieu of challenging  traditional fashion and ideals of femininity at that time, they chose to embrace it to positively effect change.

Today, there is a similar movement and message of protest occurring here in 
Second Life. Ironically, it also revolves around women's rights and clothing.

The very basic and relevant question is whether or not the new era of women’s formal 
fashionwear should be permitted at the Frank’s Jazz venue.  There has been a 
great deal of discussion about this among the fashion circles here in Second Life.  

I for one believe that the dress code standard definitely has its’ place at Frank’s Jazz.
However, I also believe that it needs adaptation to the modern fashion movement, prompted by a woman’s right to express her personality in good chic taste. 

This elegant Jumo Gown got me booted by Lara. I was wearing full leggings with coordinated matching Jumo pants.
In reality, the root of the dress code issue rests not in the code itself - but more 
about the manners of authority to enforce a code with limited understanding 
to the latest in high fashion styling. 

This is reminiscent of the period in American history where the exclusive privilege 
of men placed social pressure, anxiety and criticism on those brave 
women who stood up for their suffrage rights. 

She could definitely pull an Angelina Jolie moment with this one.
(I was asked to leave while this gown was permitted...You decide.)

I am a very strong advocate for Frank's because the venue is noble and as such is high on my list as a place which embodies  the social values of romantic courtship and tradition. 

Coming Soon to the Walmart Nearest You.
I love how people are not afraid to live outside the box of normality and elegance at Frank's lately. 
What these women are wearing is just fine by the current dress code standards. 
Check out the cool undergarments. Not.

Yes Ladies, this cocktail dress is now acceptable at Franks Jazz. 

So many comments to make about such a little dress. 
Don't. Know. Where. To. Start.

I have conservative values when it comes to what I wear in public. As such, 
I also believe that my tastes are in tune with the modern fashion 
movement occurring here in Second Life. 

This high fashion JUMO Savanah Gown is apparently not up to the standards either according to Lara. There is absolutely nothing revealing on this dress. A solid slip is scrumptiously composed from its bodice down to the high mid-thigh. 

As a supermodel, the formal gowns that I typically 
wear are created by some of the best fashion designers in all of Second Life. 
(Some of which are sold on the premises of Frank’s Entertainment Group). 

This salacious looking gown is right from the Gospel according to Billy Joel
that the sinners are much more fun. However, it appears to be permitted at Frank's.

Personally speaking, I do not pose nude in Flickr, in any magazines or 
indulge in indecent exposure while attending any formal gatherings. 

Today’s formal fashion gowns are evolving with new and exciting trendsetting directions. 

New and popular fashion trends are emerging into the form of full length sheer gowns with exquisite textures, patterns and stylish coverage. These fabulous new era gowns also possess the perfect fit, sophisticated flair and freedom of artistic expression.

There are many talented, high fashion models who now refrain from attending 
Frank’s as a result of this scrutiny - and instead have moved on to other venues 
where the new era fashion statements are given the right of passage - 
demonstrating both exemplary taste and freedom of expression. 

These new era gowns should not be considered threatening but rather embraced -
for they represent the very fabric and essence of today’s social progress. 

Instead of clothing adapting to out of date rules, the rules should evolve and 
portend the changes based on society’s evolutionary fashion trends. 

So, I make this impassioned plea to Nanceee to allow the Dress Code to adapt 
(in good taste) to the new era gowns without compromising it's basic aim – 
to promote sophisticated glamour for which Frank’s Entertainment Group is renown.